Monday, December 20, 2010

Not a bad week

I was about 4 hrs under my scheduled training time in the past week.  The main reason for this is that I am just not ready to spend 3 & 4 hrs on the trainer.   I tried for 3 hrs Sunday, but ran out of motivation/energy about 2 hrs into the ride.

With that said I had a successful week.   My lifting workouts are getting better.   Doing squats and deadlifts are starting to "feel right".   When I do a squat, for example, I feel the tension more in my legs than back.  Also, I corrected myself on the dead lifts.  I found myself bending at the waist instead of lowering myself with my legs. I started timing my rest intervals between sets.  I just use the timer function on my blackberry.   This helped to keep my lifting moving along along with getting the required rest between sets.

On the bike, had a couple 2hr sessions and a couple 90min session.  With good speed and good energy.

I looked at my schedule again this week.  I started it a week too late, if I am trying to peak for Joe Martin.  So I am going to make an adjustment which will work out well.   Since I, last week was almost a rest week and I am a week behind, I am going to move forward to Build 2 of my training plan.  This should put me on track with peaking for Joe Martin.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I was happy with myself this morning.  I was able to stick to my schedule and do another two hour trainer ride. 

I had a little less motivation this morning than yesterday.  After all, it is hard to get pumped to sit on the trainer for 2hrs.  Ther first hour I only had the motivation to put my effort in the upper part of zone 1.  When the hour make came and went, I pushed the effort mostly into zone 2.  Nothing to brag about but it was a solid workout. 

Tonight I will hit the weights at the gym.  I am starting to get use to doing squats and dead lifts with the free weights. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Back at it

Last week I was hit and miss with my training schedule.  Mostly miss.  I was under 10hrs of training, under 100 miles, and no ride was over 2hrs.  As Super Nanny would say, this is "Unacceptable"!! Who watches that show anyway?

So after an abismal week, I was ready to start over.  I had a good trainer ride for the scheduled 90min workout.   Everything felt right.. I had good cadence and good energy.  It is nice finishing a workout wanting more.  I will just put that extra energy into the next workout.

Tomorrow, I have a 2hr trainer ride scheduled int the evening and will probably lift in the morning. 

That's all I got...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fitness Test

This coming Saturday, I am going down with Rob & Cole to do a Fitness Test with Marc Walters of RightWay Performance.  This will be a good start to my Official Training which starts next week.  I am interested to see my power numbers. 

The last time (Fall, 2008) I did this test with him, I weighed 197lbs.   I had just came off a good season where I won the NE Cat 4 RR.  Also, I had several second place finishes.   I got beat out for second place by the narrowest of margins... you know who you are!   Anyway, I cranked out 4.1watts/kg for the 30min test.   That fell into into the range of Cat 3/Masters (see chart below).   I was thinking about moving up a category and my test results confirmed the move. 

So, now what would my power to weight ratio be?  I don't know.  After my collar bone break at the end of may I had two months off the bike.  I whipped myself into shape to do one more race at the end of August.  I finished the summer just riding "at will" with out any training plan.  Recently I have been just doing base miles.   I want to guess that I am on the lower end of the Cat 3/Masters range but I'll find out Saturday.

Category Power to weight ratio (30min) - Men  Power to weight ratio (30min) - Women
World Class, ProTour racer 6.0 - 6.8 watts/kg 5.25 – 6.0 watts/kg
Domestic Pro 5.4 – 6.2 4.5 – 5.5
Cat 1 4.8 - 5.6 4.2 – 4.9
Cat 2 / Masters 4.2 – 5.0 3.8 – 4.4
Cat 3 / Masters 3.7 – 4.4 3.2 – 3.8
Cat 4 3.0 – 3.8 2.6 – 3.3
Cat 5/Beginner 2.5 – 3.2 2.1 – 2.8

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last night I did most of the workout below.  I think I need to work on technique a little more with the squats and dead lifts.  They just don't feel right.  After I finished I asked the gym manager and trainer how to do Dead Lifts and he showed me.  He explained that I should feel it in my glutes and not my lower back.  Although I spent an hr lifting, I don't think I got the desired workout.  I may try again Weds.

Week 1 & 2 (Mondays and Thursdays)
Squat: 3×12 (technique)
Leg press: 2×12
Leg curl: 2×12
Bench press: 2×12
Chinups: 2×8
Dead lift: 3×5 (technique)

This morning I climbed on the bike for a 90min endurance ride.  I got 50min.  There are a few reasons that I cut my ride short. First, I don't have a plan this week.  It is a rest week for me so I can be rested for my fitness test and before my training officially starts.  When I have a plan,  I try harder to get the scheduled hours/minutes.  Secondly, I am in a serious calorie deficet. I thought I could get on the trainer to burn off more calories.  I did but each minute seemed like an eternity.  Lastly, I am not ready for the trainer... maybe this is from the calorie deficet too.  I am going to do another week with this diet extreme then moderate it to a more reasonable diet.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Week - Wrap up

Last week I felt like I accomplished all of my goals.  I wanted to ramp up my saddle time, get started with my weight training, and start watching my weight.

I had some decent time in the saddle last week.  I was motivated to get on the trainer for 1:30hrs and I did a 1:00hr spin class Monday.

Thanksgiving day, I did no training.  That was ok, I just scheduled in a rest day and bumped up my Friday training time which is normaly a light day of about 1:00hr or so.   The plan was to ride 2hrs.  Done.  I went out alone to do a Aerobic/High Cadence ride.  I was motivated to do more but decided to just keep to the schedule.

Saturday, my schedule called for a 2:00hr base Aerobic ride.  I headed south down the keystone trail for this ride.  I enjoyed the ride.  100rpms is starting to be the cadence of choice for me.  I decided that on the flats I am going to try to keep my cadence at least 100.  Then on any incline up, I will try to keep cadence 90 - 100rpms.  I don't have much power yet at these high cadences but I figure that will come.

Sunday, I had a 3:00hr ride scheduled.  I decided to ride my SS at Tranquility with some team members.  I rode for an hour to make up some time.  I should note that it was very windy Sunday.  Wind gusts were up to 30+mph.  This ride definatly did not fit into my training plan.  I spent too much time over zone 2 HR.  It was more like a Force/Hill workout than a Aerobic Base workout.  It was a good break from "The Plan" while getting some training.  I am sure it was helpful in some ways.

I was able to hit the weights on Friday too.  I found a weight routine for cyclist.  I like it because it gets you out of the gym in about an hour.  Also, it really seems to blast the legst and some core body elements.  I added situps and straight leg dead lifts to the mix.

Finally, I started on my diet.  I needed to.  After Turkey dinner, my weight jump to over 200lbs... yikes, stop the bleeding!!  Right now I am happy to say, I am under 200lbs again.  I need to make weight loss the prime focus of my training routine.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Relative Warmth

Being warm on a ride is relative to how well you dress.  For this weekends rides, I felt cold most of the way.  I thought I had picked out the appropriate clothes.  If it is below 40, I usually wear my Pearl Izumi Amfib bib tights, a base layer a jersey, Lake boots, Pearl Izumi gloves and a Balaclava (sp?).  Usually, I stay pretty warm.  This weekend it wasn't so. 

I felt cold for the entire ride.  Maybe it is because this year I have been spoiled with the relatively nice weather.  If there is a nice thing about doing a ride when you are chilled to the bone,  it is when the ride is over. Sunday, all I thought about for the last 10miles was the big canister of instant cocao.  When I got home I started heating a batch of hot chocolate while I got into some warm clothes.  There was some homemade Chicken Soup to warm up too.  Thanks to my wife :) 

This weekends workouts included a trip to the gym for some weightlifting.  It was my first time back since probably last march.  I did light weight and very high reps for everything. Mostly to get use to the range of motion.  It was so easy I started questioning why I was there.  I think I accomplished my mission because Sunday I start feeling the affects of the workout in my legs and upper body.

Saturday, I did a 3:10hr ride up to Ft Calhoun.  I had plenty of energy for the whole ride.  Again the focus for the ride was high cadence and HR no higher than Zone 2 (155bpm).  The hill North of NP Dodge park always seems to spike my HR.  So instead of riding up it, I got off the bike and walked in order to keep in the proper training zone. 

Sunday, I rode on the Iowa side of the river.  The plan was to ride to Missouri valley.  This is a relativly flat route with a steep bump early(walked up this one too) and a longer 4-6% grade later by Honey Creek.  Most of the course was flat.   I was cold most of the way.  When I road through Cresent,  I had been riding for about an hour. Missouri Valley was still 14 miles away.  So I decided to ride another 30min then turn around.  I just wanted to be done.  Even though this ride was 3hrs long, I felt like I was training for only 2hrs.  After about 2hrs I didn't care about my cadence or HR.  I just wanted to finish.

I am glad today is a rest day.

Friday, November 19, 2010


Yes, I stole that title from the Algomaha blog.   I have riding cloths to ride outside comfortably down to 20 degrees.  I have had some of my most enjoyable rides outside in the fall/winter  and some of my most memorable (not in a good way).

Anyway, I wasn't able to get out Wednesday so I was extra motivated to complete yesterdays plan.  I jogged 3.5miles at lunch.  I have no clue what kind of pace I have been running.  It must be 10min/mi pace or slower but it is fast enough to get my heart rate up to my zone 2.  I usually walk up steeper hills.   I walk because I want to keep my HR down.

After work last night, I headed straight out the door for a ride.  I did my normal airport route of about 22miles.  I kept the cadence in the 95+ rpm range.  I felt pretty good and kept up a good speed considering the wind.  It is nice riding around the airport.  There is very little traffic.   Also, the road is lit up so I can see the display on my HR monitor.  Ride duration was 1:35hrs. 

Today, I am heading for the gym for my first weights workout.  The workout will include leg excersizes and core excersizes with a lot of reps. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Met an Old Friend

I didn't want to deal with any wet, icy, or cold conditions this morning so I pulled up my trainer from the basement

The schedule called for an aerobic workout for 1:30hrs.  I made it over the 1:00hr hump but could only force myself to ride another 15 minutes.  At this point I was happy just to get my happy butt up at 5:00 to climb on the trainer.  I am going to finish the day with a 4mile run.

I had forgotten how hard it was to get started on morning workouts.  Or maybe it is the trainer.  It seems that when I ride outside that I can maintain a higher HR usually around 145bpm.  On the road that is comfortable.  I can still talk to people and maintain that HR without thinking.  On the trainer, that same percieved effort happens when my HR is about 135bpm. 

Monday, November 15, 2010

This weekend

It was a busy week outside my world of biking.  That is ok it is better to get things done.  When the real training starts I will not have so many interuptions. 

Outside this weekend, I only rode Monday for a fun 20 mile ride down the Wabash at night.  That was it for the work week.  No Gym.  No Trainer.  No Running.  So Saturday, I was ready to ride.  I went out for a ride to Ft Calhoun on my Single Speed.  I wanted to take my older road bike but didn't want to deal with cleaning it.  

I think it took almost 2hrs to ride 20mile North into the wind.  I finally made it to the gas station in Ft Calhoun.  Since I wasn't in a hurry,  I sat down and sampled the chili.  Not bad.  On the way back I was cruising with the wind at a fairly good speed.  I didn't have a computer but I believe the ride was 3hrs long and about 45 miles.  I had a avg HR of 124bpm.

Sunday was another chilly day with temps in the upper 30s to low 40s.  I meet some of my teammates at the park in Elkhorn. Since it was dryer I brought out my old Road bike.  I was able to get another 3:30hrs of riding in on Sunday.  Zone 2 effort with High cadence 95+rpms.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Prep Week 2 - 2010

This week has been a bust.  I did get out on a ride Monday night for an easy 20miles but I don't consider it training.  Tuesday - nothing and Wednesday Nothing.

Tonight, I am either going out for a ride 2hrs or run 5miles.  The only good thing about running is you can easily throw on some shoes and go.  So that maybe what happens.

I have been slowly ramping up my jog time for the past month and a half.  I think I have my running legs back.  It is good to have your training options open in the dead of the winter. Last year there were times I could not ride outside and the thought of climbing on the trainer even for an hour was sickening.

Friday, another hour aerobic ride.  Saturday 2hrs and finally Sunday 3hrs.  I may bump up Saturday's ride to 3hrs.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Had a good weekend

Got to get to work so this will be quick.

Test rode a Pinarello Dogma.  Truthflully I didn't think there would be much difference between my Pinarello F3:13 and the Dogma or I maybe I'm not skilled enough to notice any difference.  There were a couple things I noticed.  1 - the bike is solid.  It is hard to describe but my bike feels rigid in the bottom bracket area.  The Dogma not flex at all it feels solid all over.  This was really evident when I sprinted from the pack to chase Scott T.  When I sprint I am use to leaning back to prevent the back wheel from bounceing.  The dogma stayed planted firmly on the ground.  Secondly, it is smooth.   Saturday there was a nice tailwind, and was able to cruz at 30mph.  The bike tracked great.

I would really love to hop on at comparable Trek bike to compare an contrast.

So, I did about a 45mile ride on Saturday.  It was definatly a group ride and not my scheduled training ride.  And sunday another 40 mile group ride.  I need to ge more disciplined with my rides.

This is suppose to be my off day but since the weather is nice I am going out for a short ride.  Another prep week is on the agenda.  Need to figure out when I can get into the gym to start weight training.

Friday, November 5, 2010

First week

In this first week of training I am progressing through all the planned workouts.  Getting started is the easy part... we will see how I feel 3 - 4 weeks from now.  When the newness of starting over wears done.   I can't think about that now.  I have plenty of energy and will take it day by day.

Wednesday night I went out for a 1.5hr ride.  The focus of the ride was to maintain a very high cadence.  Consulting my computer after my average cadence was 99 with a max of 129.  It is hard to tell after one workout but I already feel my pedal efficiency getting better.  After spinning at 110rpms for a few minutes 100rpms felt comfortable.

Thursday night was a 2.0hr ride.  This was an Aerobic Endurance ride which includes a comfortable high cadence and HR in zone two.  Base miles.  Base miles are pretty boring.

As far as the weather goes?  Yes, with temps in the 50s & 40s it is chilly to be on the bike and both night were fairly windy.   Thinking about the months to come, I'll call it good weather.

Today, I am going to substitute a 1hr recovery bike ride with  a 4mi run.   It should take less than an hour but I am going to round up.

And I almost forgot... I get to ride a Pinarello Dogma tomorrow.  Dave at the Bike Master's is going to let me take one out for the Group ride Saturday morning.  I hope he doesn't think I am going to buy it!!  There is no way I can afford it.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Is this thing ON?

Yes it has been awhile since I have blogged anything.  Anyway after a couple of months of "hit and miss" riding I am ready to get down to business with a plan.

What is the plan? It is pretty much the same as last year.  Hopefully it does not get inturrepted by any crashes.  Last year I scheduled myselt to 650hrs, according to the Friel Bible that is in the middle of the recommended number of hours for a cat 3 rider.  The longest training week is Base 3 with 19hrs.  19hrs is a bit aggressive for me but maintaining 14-16hrs is not bad.

The first "A" race is the same as last year.  It is the Joe Martin Stage Race in early May.  I am in the Preparation Phase now.   Base training does not start until the first week of December.  So for November, I am going to do some cross training (running), some work in the gym, and outside riding. 

So, this week is the first week of the training plan. As usual, I took Monday off.  Yesterday I wanted to ride but ended up running.  I felt pretty good for the run but kept the mileage down to 3.8miles.  That is twice as long as my longest run this season.  We will have to see how my body reacts to the extra mileage.  Today I am going to get out on a ride.  It will probably be dark.  Tonight schedule ride is a pedal effeciency ride for 1.5hrs.  It takes some concentration but I can easily maintain 100rpm cadence.  There will be some intervals of 110+rpms.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Minnehaha Stage Race

Back to racing ... and it feels great!!  This past weekend I participated in the "Minnehaha County" stage race.  The CPC folks have a great thing going up there in Sioux Falls, SD.

The race started out with a 12.5 mile TT.  I did the TT almost "Eddie Merckx" style... sans aero helmet, sans aerobars, but did have some sweet Zipp 303 aero wheels.  I put in a decient effort with an average speed of 22.4mph.  Definatly nothing to brag about.   Most of my teammates finished ahead of me. 

After the initial burst of energy out of the start, I decided that 23mph was a good sustainable speed.  I worked hard to stay there.   I went into the red zone a couple of time getting out of the saddle to power of some hills to try and maintian a good speed.

The road race started at 3:30pm,  3 x 20mile laps durning the hottest part of the day... ugh.  I think the heat index was up to 98degrees.  I stuffed a couple extra 12oz bottles of water into my jersey.  The plan was to drink those two bottles, and one with gatorade before we hit the feed zone on the second lap.  This worked out good.

The first 15miles were pretty tame.  I was on the front for awhile.  This was fine, I was a little nervous with some of the riders riding close.  So, I was free and clear of that business on the front riding my own pace.  I eventualy fell back in the pack and hovered around the Sioux City Velo guys.  I don't think they were worried about me.... as suspected they took off.  I held on to survive a couple assault.   One time, I was very far off the back but was able to get back.

Eventually a couple of the 1-2 racers got off the front for good.  Me, I lost the group on the second lap riding up a hill.  There was no mechanical, or cramping.  I just couldn't hold the speed.  I thought on a flat part of the course I could catch up, but while I was doing 27- 29mph, they were doing 30-33mph.  I moderated the pace to "gett'r done" mode.  "gett'r done" mode is slightly below TT speed and just above Tempo.

On, the third lap I spied another racer a few hills in front of me.  I was catching him a little at a time and then at the feed zone he stopped.  It was my teammate Dan.  We both pick up some water from his wife and kept going.   Dan's legs were cramping bad.  He was doing all he could just to keep pedaling.

We made it to the finish arguing about who was going to finish last.  He stopped before the line, I tried to push him across but he held his ground.  I had to roll over the line or fall off the bike.

The crit was uneventful for me... I was just happy to stay with the group for just over half the race. Dan was hanging in there tough.  It was nice to be racing with him again.  Each time up the hill I would get gapped a little then get on the pack into the headwind section.  Unfortunatly, each time I was gapped  I would get a little less motivated to get back with the pack.

I did try one time to take a prime (a shiny new bike pump).  I kept my speed going down the hill with the tailwind.  John Nelson jumped out of the pack before the last corner.  By then I was going faster than the pack and John but he timed his sprint well to take the prize.  I was gassed.  The rest of the riders passed me but they were tired too.  So I was able to get back to them.  With about 15 laps to go I was done... again,  I just could hold the speed.

I was able to hold on to my last place in the stage race by a large margin.  I was glad to see Addison take 2nd in the Cat 4 RR.  After falling prey(he cramped up bad and fell into the ditch) to the heat in the RR, Nick did an awsome job taking the win in Cat 4 CT.  Rich was another victum of the heat.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Coming Around

My fitness is starting to come around.    This weekend I rode with the Bike Masters crew Saturday morning.  About 30 - 40 guys and one gal showed up for a ride to Two Rivers State park. 

I felt good all morning, although I blew myself up a couple times.  One time was up a long hill, I was up front pushing the pace then a fellow cat 3 came flying by me... I chased him of course.  I felt like I was catching him, but was done after about 2 minutes.  Another time I was in the back of the pack and some guys got off the front so I tried to bridge.  I went hard, but again I was gassed after a few minutes. 

So, knowing that I had good speed but only a few minutes to use it, I was going to try to win a sprint to the "Stop Head" sign just North of Maple by Waterloo.  I stayed in the comfort of the group for the miles up to the sign.  When the group was about 4 minutes from the sign I moved up on the left side.  It was still too early to start the sprint.  I had pick out a point that I would go and was just waiting.  Fortunatly, somebody right in front of me went for it first.  He was strong but I was right in his slip stream.  I had just enough left to take him for the sprint. 

I had another promising effort up a long hill.  I don't know the actual time it took to climb but it seemed like about 6+ minutes.  I was able to keep a sustained maximal effort most of the way.  Much of this effort was about 7 beats below my HRmax.  I wish that I didn't have to work so hard but it was good to see that I could maintain that type of effort

Sunday, I did a slow 3hr endurance ride. It was nice to do an "under-reaching" ride.  I had about an hour in zone 2 and the rest in zone 1.  Nice and easy.

I have about another 10days of training until the Souix Falls race.  I think I will be ok.  I think I will be just hanging on but that is fun too.  More 2 day training blocks... a hard day followed by an moderate day.

Friday, July 23, 2010


In this past week, I have been riding my old dependable '99 Trek 5200.  Still have to work on the motor but the bike gets the job done.  I asked about my Pinarello, which has be in the shop since my wreck, before the Thursday Night Ride.  It wasn't ready, bummer... still waiting on some parts.   BUT, they quickly looked over the wheels, tested the shifting and she was ready to ride.  This was an unexpected surprise, I was reunited with my race bike.

I wish they could do that for me.  My cardio fitness is gone... most of the ride I was off the back.  Every hill sent my HR within 5 beats of my max HR.   On a positive note, I can still get out there and do a 40mile ride with no problem.  Also, I could easily ramp up my speed up to ~28mph on the flats... just couldn't hold it for more than a minute or two.

I want to do one more race this year in Souix Falls, SD.  It is only a month away so I have to train smart.  I am going to do the training in 2 day training blocks.  The first day will be a hard day... Hills, Intervals, LSD.  The second day a easy-moderate intensity endurance ride.  Rest day, repeat.  We'll see how that goes!

Monday, July 19, 2010

On the Road again

Last weekend I was on the bike again. Both days, Saturday and Sunday.  All I can say right now is that I am way out of shape.

My legs are strong enough but any effort would send my HR up into the red zone.  I was exhausted at only 5 miles and my neck hurted.   On Saturday, I think the heat was a big part of my exhaustion.  Sunday, I could only ride a few minutes at a steady pace then I would rest.   Total miles on the weekend?  Less than 30mi.

I still want to do the Stage race in S. Dakota.  I have only a few weeks to prepare... what to do?  The game plan (I am making this up as I type).  Each week I will try to get: One race pace ride(or intervals), one long of 3hrs+, ride, and one hill ride.  Between these harder rides I will do some very slow recovery rides.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to blogging - about what, of course training and racing

Not sure why, but I have not made any blog entries in awhile.  Hopefully, I can somewhat commit to a couple blogs a week.

I raced this weekend down in Lincoln thanks to Bike Pedals.  I was automatically signed up for the Cat 3 race since I was Rider of the Year for 2009.  With that I agonized about whether to pay another $27 or not to race the Master's at 9:15am.  To make a long story short I signed up. 

I knew I was up for quite possibly a harder race than the Cat 3 race.   The race didn't disappoint.  It started off fast, fast, fast,... I was up there though.  Still highly motivated to stay on with the group.  I knew who the fast guys were, Spence, Vondrecek, Shim.  They pushed the pace for the first 10 laps or so.  I was still there.  Not quite sure who caused it but one more surge seperated the pack.  I was behind Vondecek.   Predictably, he took off to catch his Cat 2 commrades, and just as predictably I chased but could not match his pace.  I was gassed, then several other attempts were made by other riders.  No luck... with that we were officially the "Chase Group".  

I admit it, I sat in.  I was working hard just to stay with this group, I had no business getting on the front.  3 laps to go, the fast guy who was pushing the pace dropped right in front of me to take a rest.  I was in great position.  Just before the last lap, I found myself on the front.  Not the best place to be but that was fine.  I moderated the pace, expecting people to come around me.  Nothing happened.  Two more corners to the long drag race finish.  I wanted to be first into that corner.  I was, but there was another guy on the outside.  He beat me out buy a bike length.  I finished 5th on the roade and 4th in my age group.

That was the good race... I didn't do so well with the Cat 3.  Again, there was a break.  I was with the chase group, and then off the back.  Somehow, I think I let the excuse of doing an early race get to me.  I didn't have the mental energy to stay with the group.  I was done... now it was a training ride.  A very hot exhausting training ride.

Sunday it was a Pioneers park and back to riding on hills.  I was feeling good riding with the group.  I would ride hard up the hill and use the rest of the course.   Stayed with the group for 5 'bouts with the hill.    The last hill I worked too hard and then I was off by myself.  Another training ride.

Athough the results were dissapointing, it was fun to get out with the team racing.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It has been awhile...

since I have made a post.

A brief summary of the pass week and a half -
  • Raced the TdHusker
    • Did well in the RR
    • Crashed in the TTT
    • Survived the Crit
  • Wounds from the crash are almost a memory
  • Gearing up & Tapering down for Joe Martin

Thats it.  I have been busy at work so when I get in the office I get staight to it.  I am not quite where I want to be for fitness to race in Joe Martin but it should be fun though.  

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Official, I am signed up...

for the Joe Martin Stage Race as a Cat 3.  It is a month away, we'll see how it goes.

This week is a rest week following Build 2. 

Last night I rode with the Trek Papio group.  It was very windy so we did the loop at Wehrspan Lake.  For the most part I kept the intensity low.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Can't Always get what you want

If you asked me before Sunday if I wanted to be dropped by the pack on the first lap, in the first mile on the first hill of my first road race.  I would of said "NO!"  Looking back though, it wasn't a wasted effort.

It was the first climb that took me out and took me by surprise.  I knew it would be tough for me to keeping up on the 11% gradient hill even at a moderate pace.  On the first tier of the climb, my hard effort wasn't cutting it.  People were passing me on both sides.  I had to pick it up.  The second tier was steeper, ... I got totally unhiched from the group. 

I thought "This can't be happening".  It happened.  I watched as small groups of rider would move off in the distance.   Initially they would be cresting the hill as I hit the base.  Then I was behind a whole hill and finally they were out of sight.

I kept riding hard, hoping that the group would slow down. Also, hoping I could catch them on the flat section before the head wind.  It was not to be.  So, I would look for small victories.  There was another dropped rider.  I'll try to catch him.  I did catch him and I did luckily before the headwind section.  It was Bryan R.  We were able to work together to catch Brandon F and then a CPC rider.  We worked pretty good together but the steep rollers into a headwind were wreaking havoc on his back.  Bryan sent us on our way.  The last 8 miles or so Brandon and I worked into the wind.

Brandon told me he was done after 1 lap but stuck it out for 2.  After 2 laps, Brandon was done fighting the hills and wind.  I kept pushing.  I had a 15min head start on the B race and didn't want to get caught.  I caught up with a couple Kaos guys.  Again, we worked together.  They finished up 2 laps and called it quits.

The third lap for me was much slower but still not a bad pace.  I had to slow down a few times to stretch my back and take a breather.  I finish the race as the last one who finished 19th of 29.  I had a respectable, for me, 19.1mph pace.

For better or worse, I got to see how I stack up against the competition.  I was getting complacent with my workout and needed a good kick to get re-focused.  I think I will do much better on the tamer hills at Branched Oak next weekend. 

As a workout the race provided me with a race pace intensity,  plenty of hill training, and long steady state efforts.  So I believe I got everything I needed from the race

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Important Lessons

I learned two important lessons last night in the Bike Master's Wednesday Night Ride.  Doing a pace line into a 30mph wind is tricky and some people, no matter how nice they are off the bike, are just assholes on the bike.

At the Bike Master's ride, I get with  a group of four.  We started working together in a 30mph wind.  The speed kept increasing.  Then somebody who "thinks" he knows how to ride calls me out for "gapping the f&^!" out of the group. I wasn't the only one "gapping" people.  I check my HR monitor as I follow through on the side of the rotation.  I maintain that speed and soft pedal when I got on the front.  If I was gapping people it was because they could not hold the pace that they had set.

Two guys dropped off then it was me and this other "Pro Rider".  I was maintaining my pace, he would come around and then I would come around.  Thought we were working together but come find out that we were in a "dick-measuring  contest".

Oh well... what is that AA saying? 

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Catching up

I had a pretty good build 2 week last week. Out with Craig on Tuesday to do some Hill Cruise intervals.   Then on Wednesday, I took in a few extra miles before a hard Bike Masters group ride.  Thursday, it was Spin Class in the morning.  Thursday afternoon an easy ride for the Bike Rack Shop ride.  Friday, I took the day off to have dinner and a movie with my wife Christine.

I got alot accomplished Saturday.  I didn't some intervals in my upper zones.  Hit some long and some steep hills out north of town.  Also, since it was a longer ride I did some endurance work.

Sunday, after family stuff I headed out for a long steady distance ride.  It was a near perfect day to ride.  There was no wind, sunny blue sky, the temperature was pleasent at 66 degrees, and on top of that very little traffic from the holiday.

Tonight I am going to do hill repeats on Ft Calhoun road ( I should at NP Dodge Park at 6:00pm).

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yeah but it was a Warm Wind

Did some after work riding last night with Craig.   I was going to go out alone but talked to Craig at the last minute to come out with me.

We met at Wehrspan Lake.  I got there early and was able to do "The Loop" three times.   The loop is a loop at the park that is about a mile long... one side you climb the other you decend.  It makes for great interval training.

Once Craig arrived we headed out to Gretna down 370.   My training plan called for a force workout which mean hills with a low cadence.  That is what I got.  For the next 1:30hr we muscled up the hills and into a brutal south wind.  I didn't mind... it felt good to not be wearing my winter garb. We rolled along past "The Flying J" and down to Buffalo Road.  I was done at Buffalo Road but Craig still wanted to keep thing lively.

We got back to HiWay 50... now for the fun part.  The tail wind.  We needed the tailwind because it was getting dark and we still had 10miles to ride home.

All in all I got a force workout.  My legs feel properly stressed as if I lifted yesterday.  I believe Craig go a good Aerobic/Anerobic workout too. He is climbing well!!

Tonight it is off to Bike Masters for a aerobic endurance ride? Right... we will see if that happens.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Report

This is going to be short -

I did the training 60min 1/2/3 training Crit Saturday.  Dispite the weather it was fun.  I was able to work with my teamate to take the win over a pretty fast Cat 2 rider.  I am trying not to make too much of this since there were only 3 other riders in the race.

Sunday's ride was fun.   Too much fun.  I did not stick to the training plan at all.  I have 2 more build weeks to get serious.  Joe Martin is coming soon... need to get faster.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuck to the plan

Last nights ride was pretty much how I described it in the previous post.  I was able to get 4 solid cruise intervals on rolling hills.  Each of the intervals were at least 10min in duration.  A couple of the hills pushed my HR up above my LT.  To add an element of a force workout I kept my cadence low.  In one of my cruise intervals, I was able to hold 23+mph from Schramm park to Hiway 50.  This was a solid "Break Through" interval for me.

Today, a 3hr endurance ride.  Going to start out on my own and then join up with the Bike Masters ride.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mixed Bag

This will be the first workout of my Build 2 phase.  I am rested and ready to ride.  I want to work on all my abilities... aerobic, Threshold, anaerobic, force, and power.  I think I will keep it down to two facets  threshold and force.

So for the thresholdpart of the workout I am going to hit Fairview road NW of SpringField.  This stretch of road is long enough to do a couple cruise interval.   I should be able to get one more cruise interval done before Schram park.

For my Force workout it will be at least a couple hill repeats up the banks of Platte R.  At least I will have a nice view while I am gasping at the top of the climb. 

Then there are a couple more opportunities for threshold intervals on the way back to Hiway 50 and then back North to Millard.

That's the plan....  I will have some company... Pat & Rich are coming along.  Pat invited some of his friends to to meet at El Bee's at 6:00.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Group Rides

Got out yesterday for a very enjoyable group ride.  The weather was great 43 - 50 degrees breezy but not to windy.  It was a great first full day of spring.

Four of us(Rich, Pat, Brandt and I) set out from El Bees to do the Schramm park route.  We kept it mellow down Hiway 50 and then turned off into the rolling hills of FairView road.  That is when the pace picked up... no worries, I stayed back with Pat.  We regrouped and headed south.  This time all together.  We had a nice steady pace line cuising along at a respectable speed.   There was nobody trying to "Get off the front" or anybody trying to grind the bunch into submission.  Even the rush to the "Sprint Point" was aggressive but controlled.

After the break at schramm, Rich talked me into doing the Schramm hill.  It was an easy sell because I was feeling good.  That too was fun!  I made it up & over the top of a 18%+ grade without gasping for air.  Bonus!

In the paceline everyone knew what to do.  If pace got too much, people knew to sit it.  If the pace was too slow they knew to come around to get their turn at the front and work.  We cruised like this for about 15miles and made quick work of our ride back toward Louisville, and then up to Springfield.  At a rest stop we sat  just to soak up the sun.

I rode back to Bellevue with Rich down 370 with a little detour to the new Trek Store.  I finished up the ride with a solo trek back west to El Bees'.  Total Mileage 60.  I felt good to go another 30 but had to head home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Fit Test Complete

No training criterium today so I did my build 1 fit test.

As before I took 45min to warm up.  This one was tough.  Ten minutes into the test I wanted to be done.  My music wasnt motivating me either.  All I had to keep me going hard was that I wanted to see some improvement from my build 1 phase training.  The test was done on my trek and on the trainer

Once again my HR monitor was not reading my HR as I worked harder.  So I don't know my avg HR... the main reason to take the test.  I will probably keep training at 173bpm as my lactic threshold.

Another metric that I have been tracking is my average speed.  I am up 1.1mph from my last test.  I am happy with this result.  I have gained at least 1mph from each training stage from 15.3mph back in December to 19.5 now.  Since this was done on the trainer, I don't know what speed this translates to on the road.

Going out tomorrow for a 3hr ride.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bike Master's Crew

Got out for a Wed Night Ride with the Group from bike masters.  Had to test the legs against the like of Ryan & Brandon.  I felt good but can't let my guard down they are riding real well too.

The rest week is almost over, I can't believe my final build phase is upon me.  Got to get re-focused!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking in on a Crit

Ready set GO!!

My racing season officially started this weekend down in Lawrence, KS.  As I posted before my goals were simple test out my form and stay safe.

Master's race, 11:00am  (duration ~40min, 18laps) - First the conditions.  The temp. was in the upper 40s but with a 15-25mph it felt like they were in the lower 30s.  Seventeen of us "Old Guys" rolled up to the line.  The Official made a few short comments and we were quickly off.  Unlike a lot of races I did last year, I got clipped in quickly and was right up to the front of the pack.  Good start... check.

Not much happend for the firt two laps.  I was sitting comfortably about 5th wheel.  Then came the first points prime.  Since I was still riding in "Safe Mode" I wanted to go with the sprint but not contest the sprint.  So, as the sprinters were catching their breath I rolled along side them.  Good, I was relieved to still be with the group.

The second points prime split the pack.  The lead group with about 15 seconds ahead.  After one lap, I decided to bridge.  So, I broke out from mid-pack and charged up the hill to catch.  I knew I only had a limited time to get someones wheel before the headwind parts of the course.  Made it!!  Sweet.

I pretty much kept my position up near front off the pack, never put into real difficulty.  I was loving it ... every time we would come around I gave my wife Christine the thumbs up and smile.  She said I was up front too much.  She was right, of course.  I let my self get put into the wind on the front 6times.

I was up front on the last lap too.  Not working too had but expending some precious energy. With two legs to go on the final lap I ducked behind some lapped riders.  The group behind decided to make an attack for the finish.  I was on the wheel behind the pack through the last turn.  Then I started my sprint, passing about 4 people leaving only two in front of me.  I wasn't going to catch the lead guy but there was the other guy within reach.  I got up next to him, not knowing how long I could sustain my effort and then he cracked.  I rolled across the finish line uncontested for second.  Cruising speed, good, Sprint legs decent.  Tactics... need work!

3/4 Race 2:30pm (duration ~70min, 28laps, 25peeps) - Conditions? About the same.  This race was a bit faster but still not too difficult.   There were a couple attacks, but they were all brought back.  It was on the second points sprint that I lost contact with the lead guys.  About 6 people got off the front and never looked back.

This time, I didn't try to bridge myself.  There was a sizable gap.  I was content to stay with the main group.  The last lap came around I was happy to be sprinting for 7th place with the group.  I got 8th.

Overall I am very happy with my performance.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lack Luster Workout

Last night I climbed onboard to do a Anerobic-Endurance intervals.  The plan was to do 5 intervals 3-6min into Zone 5b this is about HR 178bpm for me.  I did a good 30min warmup which included a 10min effort in zone 4... I thought I was ready to go. 

The first interval I struggled to get to 170bpm.  I held that for about 5min.  Second interval, 170bpm again! for about 5min.  The third interval was better at 175 but not close to my zone 5b.  I struggled to hold that for 4min.   When I stopped I was gasping for air as if I just had done a sprint for a race.  I was done... there was no way I was going to get to 178bpm.   So, to salvage the workout I did one more solid zone 4 effort then an easy spin to finish up the workout.

Thinking about the workout there are a few things that may have limited my performance. 
1) My 5:30am workout in Spin Class was very intense
2) I ate 45min before this workout
3) This is my third week of build training.  I don't think I am overtrained but I am definatly in the "Valley of Fatitgue" as Joe Friel puts it in his book.
4) I a mentally exhausted for riding the trainer...

So with that and the fact that I am going to do a couple of crits tomorrow I am taking the day off. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The switch

This week I have been riding the Pinarello.  It is still set up how I left it last fall but there is a difference between it and my Trek.  The most noticable difference is the seat on the Pinarello is very hard.  My sit bones are killin me.  It seems like the seat is up a little higher too.  I think it will take a week or two to get adjusted to the Pinnarello.

Tuesday I did a 2hr Force workout with several climbs of low cadence and into my HR Zone 5a.

Wednesday - 3.5 hr endurance ride (on the trainer... yuck!)

Thurs - AM Spin Class   TODO: PM Anerobic endurance intervals

Friday - Have to get ready to race in Lawrence but if I have time I will do a 1:30 endurance ride.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring! Wait for it, Wait for it...

We are almost there with daylight savings time coming up this weekend.  The group rides are getting bigger the days are getting longer.  The Pinnarello is up from the Bike Cave ready to ride!

I had a pretty good week last week although some of my workouts were shortened overall I stayed with the plan.  The highlight of the week was Saturdays ride.  It was a fast group ride North to Ft Calhoun via Omaha trace road and then back through the Boyer Chute area to the steep hills on 60th street.  For the first time this year I was able to hold a race pace for about 15min on the rolling hills of the Omaha Trace road.  Then again a steady pace on the flats by Boyer Chute.  My last hard efforts were on the steep hills of 60th St.

Sunday it was another group ride down to Schramm park and back North.  This time we only did 53mi

This week the training continues with the final work week of Build 3.  The weather looks rainy so I may have to do most my training inside.

Saturday, I am driving down to Lawernce, KS for on of the Spring Fling training crits.  I plan on doing the Master's crit at 11:00 and then the 3/4 crit later.  This will be good training for me.  It should improve my top end fitness and give me solid crit practice with 20- 30 other guys.   Also, I have no clue how fit I am so it will be good to get in the mix with other riders again.  The plan is to stay out of trouble... push hard stay with the group and stay safe.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In a Nutshell

This week in a nutshell... here goes

Tues - AM Spin class 1:00 hour, took it easy so I could be rested for trainer hills.
           PM Trainer :50min, short warmup, did two long hils, got my HR up to zone 5, had to cut the ride short  to get on a conference call

Wed - 3:30hrs outdoor riding bliss with Rich Anderson.  med/easy ride 45miles

Thurs - AM Short power intervals in spin class :45min
            PM SE intervals 5 efforts into zone ~5a/b for with duration of 4 to 5 minutes.  HR monitor freaks when I get into the upper zones.  Very annoying!!

Fri - Scheduled 1:30hrs endurance ride - This one is on the bubble, could possible take a day off to be rested for a hard day on Saturday.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Build week

Looks like I have to go back to Thurdays to catch up my blog.

Thursday PM workout = Did a aerobic SE interval workout.  The plan was to do 5 x 3 - 6 min intervals, intesity up to zone 5b.  The workout description also states that if you are unable to reach zone 5b in the first 3 time that I was not ready and to stop ( in small print.. joe you are a weeny boy).  I am a sucker for a challenge was determine to get that zone 5b.  I hit zone 5b on the second/third/forth.  It was very hard.   I willed myself trough the 4th one but there was no energy for a fifth.

Friday - climbed on the trainer again for a 1:30hr endurance ride.

Saturday - 1hr spin class in the morning.  Did over/under drills around LT.  Then did a 2:00hr ride in the afternoon.  I was suppose to do a group ride but was riding alone.  So, I treated like a group ride in the hills on Q street and Cruise intervals on the flat roads by two rivers.  After that I did 4 x 20sec power intervals at the Omaha Gold sprint competition.  I had to race Brian Tangen. We both pulled our feet out of the pedals but he was able to clip in faster.  I definatly went anaerobic in all the sprint intervals.

Sunday... went out at non with Pat Cash and Tim( a triathlete).  It was very tough not to chase Tim down when he took off up the hills.  I road with them for 2hrs then rode a couple on my own.  61mi total today

Next week just like this week .... rinse, repeat

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Moving right along

My first build week is moving along just fine.  A couple hard workouts on Tuesday,  a 3hr endurance ride yesterday, and this morning some power intervals.  Not sure what I am going to do tonight, I have another 2hr ride in front of me.  The schedule calls for speed work so I will do a bit of that.  I may try an Over/Under workout too.

I am looking forward to the week end. It looks like it will be warmer so I can get outside. 

That's all I got for now.  Joe

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Force workout

Last night I climbed on the trainer for the second workout of the day.  This was to be a F2 workout, with long steady climbs, cadence lower than normal and intensity up to zone 4/5a. 

I was able to get about 8 solid climbs.  I was able to get my intesity up to Zone 5a on only the last 3 efforts.  The workout felt more like a muscle endurance workout.  I didn't really get the burn in my quads.

Today it is back to an endurance ride...  I am shooting for 3+hrs in the saddle with 1:30hrs in zone 2.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Let the Build begin

This morning I did a Tempo workout.  One hour keeping my HR at 160+bpm which is upper Zone 3 for me.  I actually spent about 15min in Zone 4.  My RPE felt like Zone 2 very easy.  

Tonight, I will hit the quads with a force workout on the trainer.  With my RPMs at ~75, I will get my HR up to Zone 4 & 5a.

Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Build Time

Last week was the last week of my Base Building phase.  Twelve weeks of a lot of time in my Endurance zones, zone 2 & zone 3.  With some short trips up into zone 4.

I feel good and have definatly gained some speed.   According to my training schedule I do a 30min fitness test every 4 weeks at the end of my rest week.   Throughout the base period I have increase the mileage covered in that 30min. 

Here are my last 3 tests:
3) 9.2mi (18.3mph)
2) 8.9mi (17.8mph)
1) 7.7mi (15.4mph)

I feel fast but really have no clue how fast I am.   I need to ride with peeps to get a better idea. 

So taking inventory of the last 12 weeks.  My speed is going up,  I easily do an 1:30hrs in tempo, and long 4hr rides are no problem.  Things to work on - Hill climbing, loosing weight, and time in my upper zones.  Still a lot of work to do.

Monday, February 15, 2010

An early start

Got an early start on my rest week Sunday, since I skipped my scheduled 4:30hr ride.  It was a good call.  If I wasn't overtrained I was very close and my legs were still recovering from a hard hill repeat workout.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

End of the Week

Friday night, I did a 3:00hr ride... I began my trainer ride watching the Olympics but was not able to keep my focus.  So, 1:30hrs into the ride I put in my earphones to get my effort higher.  Still, I pretty much stayed in zone 1 with average HR of 128bpm.

Saturday,  had a great spinning class.   We started off with normal warmup and some intervals to get primed.  The last half of class we did some Power intervals 3 x 3min "full on" hard efforts. 

Next up, I met Rich for a ride in the hills on Hwy 75.  It was hard to let Rich get ahead of me up the hills but I wanted to stay focused on my form.  I tried to stayed smooth and relaxed in my upper body and minimize my rocking.  The past couple of hill workouts I concentrated on getting my HR up to the top of zone 4. This time my focus was concerned with applying as much force as possible on the pedals.  My legs are very sore... this is a good thing.   I still need a lot of help on the hills. 

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tempo Time ... Again

Despite being tired last night I climbed on the bike for a Tempo ride.  At first I thought I only had the energy for about 45 minutes in my Tempo zone 3 but I was able to sustain the effort for 1:40hrs.

I was surprised with some of my stats compared to the 1:30hr Tempo ride I did last week.  Most surprising was my average speed.  It went from 16.9 - 18.4mph.

Tonight, I have to do a 3:00hr endurance ride.  Just going to stay in zone 2 and watch the opening Olympic ceremonies.  I am going to save the legs a bit for hill repeats tomorrow.

That is All, Joe

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I missed my morning spin class, so I started the week an hour behind schedule.   Last night I climbed on the bike for a Cruise interval workout.  It was probably the toughest workout I have done this season.

I was anxious to get started with the intervals.  The plan was to do 5 x 6min work intervals in Zone 4/5a with a 3min zone 2 rest interval in between.   I am not quite sure if I made it to Zone 5a.   My HR monitor started flaking out on me.  Hopefully it is the battery.  Each interval was very hard... in fact the second interval I blew up and didn't finish.

Today, I get off early from work and plan to ride outside. Brrrr!!  If I get 3:30-4hrs I will be happy.  Heck, I will be happy with 3hrs.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Base 3 Final Week

Yes! it is my last week of my base period.  It is also the longest week of my training schedule.

I finished strong this weekend.  Friday I had a good 2hr endurance ride.  Then followed that up with 1:00hr in spin class and then 2:00hrs of hill repeats.   I finished Sunday with an Ok 4:00hrs on the trainer.  Sunday was just Ok because I spent a lot of time in Zone 1.  I was mentally tired.

I finished off the week with 15:15hrs of 17:00.  Not bad.  The time I was short was due to work.

This weeks schedule calls for 19:00hrs... yikes!  If I get 16:00hrs I will be happy.  I made some slight modifcations to the schedule.  Instead of a tempo ride Tues., I will do a Cruise interval ride.  The tempo ride will be pushed to Thursday mixed in with some form sprints.  Still doing hill repeats on Saturday.  Don't want to think about the two 4:30hr days..ugh!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Base 3 Update

Base 3 Week 3 is going ok besides a major setback Wednesday.

Wednesday I was set to do my scheduled 4hr ride outside but worked called.  So I rode about 30min back to work.  After the issue was resolved I headed up to the Bike Rack to do the Wed. night CTS series tape.  So instead of 4:00hrs I rode for 1:30hrs.  Really in the grand scheme of things not a big deal.

Thursday I had Spinning in the morning and a scheduled S1/S2 workout.  I do ok on the speed workouts.  This year I have increased my pedal speed quite a bit.  I can cruise comfortably at 110rpm and "Spin Up" to about 130rpms.  I can hit the 150s but it is not pretty. 

I also did isolated leg drills last night.  I can pedal with one leg smoothly for about 45secs, then its back to chopping wood.  I some work on those more.

Tonight it will be a 2:00hr endurance ride.  I have two simple goals.  1) Get it done. 2) Stay in Z2 for 60min.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tempo Time

I had a great Tempo workout last night... don't know what it was but felt like working hard. Had to hold myself back. 90min of Zone 3 bliss!!

Today endurance miles. I think it will be outside :D.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The End

Finished up the week with a 3hr trainer ride. I am done 'till Tuesday.

Looking forward to another Base 3 week.

Base 3 Week 1 wrap up

Overall, it was a good week. I will fall short of the scheduled 14hrs. That is ok, I did do all my BT workouts. As per the plan, I had a solid muscle endurance trainer ride which included 75min in Z3. A longer ride of 2:30hrs on Wed. Then the reason I am going to be short on hours, I took a break on Thurs & Fri.

Yesterday, I did a spin class in the morning and a 2hr my force workout later. I picked out a couple long hills North of Omaha on Highway 75. These hills were longer and steep at places. I ended the workout with 12 climbs. On past endurance rides, I had to keep my HR down in Zone 2 on these hills. With a force workout I could let HR climb to Zone 4. It was hard work but felt good not to worry about not working too hard. I was tired for the last two hills but drummed up enough energy to get it done.

So today I will do another long endurance ride of at least 3hrs.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Base 3 is On

Officially started my base 3. Today's schedule called for a Muscle Endurance workout. This workout includes 75min in zone 3 and I kept the Cadence at 80 or below.

Everything happened according to plan. It was pretty easy and I am starting to think I went too easy. Zone 3 is a very narrow range for me 155 - 161. There were times I lost focus and fell below 155 but not for long.

The other breakthrough workouts will be a LSD ride tomorrow, Hills on Saturday, and a Speed workout Thursday.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mixed results

Today I did my fitness test 30min all out effort.

It was a little disturbing that I could not get my average hr up over 170bpm. I ended the test with a average HR of 168bpm. I think my HR was much lower because I did a 3hr ride yesterday. Not sure of the reason... Could be less strength or my motivation was lacking.

I am very happy with my average speed for the 30min. It went up from 15.3mph to 17.9mph. That went up 2.6mph. Which tells me that I have more power at LT. Can't wait to see what base 3 training will get me up too.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Rest Week Closeout...

My rest week is quickly coming to an end. I just have my LT test to do tomorrow. My workout today may have an influence on the test.

Today I went out for a quick 2hr ride. I didn't need to but the weather was nice for January in Nebraska. It was 39degrees when I left the house and the temps were suppose to top out in the 40s. Other than the wet streets, it was nice day for a ride. I was very happy with the ride, I had great energy through out.

I looked back in my 2009 log and compared today's ride with other 3hr rides. Comparing the speeds I am about a 1mph faster.

Highlights of this rest week - I completed 9 of 9 scheduled hours. 3hrs in spinning class, 3hrs on the trainer, 3hrs on the road. My long ride was 3hrs today. I hit all marks for the week and feel rested and ready for Base 3.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Joe Martin Stage Race

I did a map my ride on this race and found you can watch the route from Google Earth. Pretty cool

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spin class

Yesterday was a rest day. Nothing to report there.

Did spin class this morning, for 45min. Stayed in Zone 2 for the first half of the class but the EVIL instructor had us doing fast spins out of the saddle. That bounced my HR into zone 5.

Tomorrow I will join the group at the bike rack for a CTS training DVD. I will probably get there early to 1:30 in the saddle. Sometime this week I need to do a 3hr ride or at least a 2hr ride.

That is all for now.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Made it through Base two

Today completed my longest week of this years training. Now I can enjoy my rest week but rest weeks go fast.

This week I am looking forward to my fitness test on Sunday. I had an amazing test 3 weeks ago. I don't know how I am going to top that but I hope I do.

Recapping last week - 17:30hrs total time, either on the road, trainer, or spin bike. No weights. Three 3hr rides one of them on the road. My breakthrough workouts include 60min in zone3. Also, a force workout with low cadence and intensity into zone 4.

I feel real good about my training and fitness. I need to pick it up though. Joe Martin is coming soon. I set the bar high for myself, I want to be the highest placed Nebraskan at this race. I could get lucky and be the only one from the Cornhusker state entered. I am not counting on it.

I have a good start but none of this winter training will count unless I keep it up. It is like a diet, starting and going for a few weeks is easy... making it last and maintaining is the hard part.

It's Evolution baby

Yesterday schedule included a morning spin class and another longer ride to complete the 4 scheduled rides.

Spin class went well, the class was packed. I had them do some longer intervals into zone 4. We started with some short intervals to warm up. After that we did a pyramid starting with 1 min intervals up to 4 min intervals. The class seemed to like the longer efforts.

After class I felt like riding immediatly but it was still cold and icy so I waited till noon. Through the hills up to Blair I felt strong and fast. Even though I was keeping my HR in zone 2. I made it to Blair in under an hour so I kept heading north. I wanted 3hrs on the bike. I knew that I would have a head wind so I turned around 1:15 into the ride. I still had another hour to ride from Ft Calhoun so took the Boyer Chute, NP Dodge route for some extra time. Final time 3:02.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting closer

I am getting closer to my Base2 rest week.

This week is progressing well. I am only an hour short of schedule. I want to make up that hour in the worst way but I need to let it go.

Yesterday, I finished up with 3hrs of training broken up into two sessions. Spin class for an hour and then 2hrs at home on the trainer. The trainer workout I had good energy for about 1:30. After that motivation fell through the floor. I was done... If I was on the trail even BR could pass me.

Today I felt much better. I did a Force workout. This workout included 10 three minute hills, effort up to zone 4 and cadence down to 70.
This was not a power interval with a sudden burst of energy. I just shifted down to a hard gear watch my HR rise to zone 4 as I kept the tension on my legs.

I haven't downloaded my data yet but I should have close to 150miles for this week.

Two more days until rest week. I have 4hrs tomorrow and 3hrs Sunday.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Change of Pace

Since it was SOOO warm yesterday, I decided to ride on the road. I am happy to say the roads North of NP Dodge Park are for the most part dry. HiWay 75 has a dry shoulder and Omaha Trace looks good too.

Rich was able to meet me at NP Dodge. It was a pleasant ride, we kept a steady tempo through out. I am a little disturbed because he dropped me on the hills. It is still early. We road non stop for just over 2hrs and had to stop because we ran out of daylight.

I rode one more hour on the trainer but I am short of my scheduled 4:00hrs.

This morning I did another hour in spin class and I will get two more hours tonight. Speed drills... should be fun.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More Trainer time

I completed my M1 workout. Ramping the continuous zone 3 time for 60 minutes.

I noticed a couple interesting things when I looked at my workout chart. My HR line stay steady at ~160bpm for the entire 60min but I did notice that my avg. speed dropped a bit from ~19.3mph slightly to 18.6. I also had a lower cadence toward the end. I am not sure if I was loosing power due to cardiac drift or less efficient pedaling at lower cadences. Next time I will have to experiment with my cadence.

Tomorrow, I have a 4:00hr E2 ride schedule. I think it will be more mental than physical endurance.

Last work week ....then Rest

I started this morning with a spin class. Tonight the main event. A Muscle Endurance ride. 60 min in Zone 3, sounds daunting. The big problem for me will be to keep the focus and stay at Z3 intensity. Physically it shouldn't be a stretch.

Tomorrow, I am still undecided whether or not I am going to do my 4:00hr ride outside.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Near Perfect Week

In respect to following a training plan. I had a near perfect week.

I did the all the scheduled 16:30hrs. I was 30min short going into yesterday's 3:00 workout but felt good so I added an extra 30min. I hit all of my BT workouts. Including a 45min Tempo ride Tuesday. My longer ride of 4:00hrs wednesday and a force workout Friday.

The only thing I can improve on from last week is my sleep. I should be getting more of it.

Next week is 18hrs... I am still motivated but am ready for a rest week

Friday, January 8, 2010

Stay on Target

For the most part I am sticking to the training plan. Last night I climbed on the trainer for another 1:30hrs to finish a 3:00hr day. I had a good amount of energy to stay in zone 2 for about 55min.

The schedule today calls for a F1 workout within a 2hr time frame. According to the workout description, the F1 workout consists of several hills that take at most 3minutes to climb. Cadence about 70rpm and intensity in zones 1-4. So I will take my time to warm up and the test the legs with some high resistance. My focus will be to get that burn up near my LT and work a bit on my muscle endurance.

Tomorrow I am going to break up the scheduled 3:30hrs with some lifting, a spin class, and another bout with the trainer.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Toughest Day

I have come to the conclusion that Thursdays are my toughest days. I do my LSD workout on Wednesday. So when I wake up on Thursday I am exhausted.

Yesterday I completed 4:00hrs on the trainer. I tried to be more conservative than last week with the intensity. Last week my avgHR was 144 for 3:30hrs, with most my time in Zone2 this week, I kept it in Zone 1 and had a avgHR of 132.

This morning with spinning class I racked up another 1:30hrs. I have another 1:30hr to do tonight. I need to get on the trainer and go ASAP. Get it done and get my happy butt in bed early. I need to get more sleep or get Monster Drink injections.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Forty Five Minutes in Zone 3

This was a little more difficult than I thought. I don't think I warmed up enough so it was tough for the first 15min and the last 15min took forever.

I did it though. I have a nice flat chart with my HR right in the middle of Zone 3 for 45min. The speed graph looked good too. I held my speed to about 18mph. Who knows what speed that is on the road. The important point is that there was no loss of power.

I varied my cadence from upper 70rpms down to lower 60rpms. I wasn't very smooth at the lower cadence... I will have to work on that.

Today, I have a long day in the saddle 4:00hrs. If I get 3:00hrs I will be happy. The goal today is just to survive and keep the effort restricted to the lower part of my zone 2.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting Base 2 Week 2

The plan this morning was to teach spin class and then do my M1 muscle endurance routine. The only problem with this plan was that I had a head cold. This is a time when I could really use a couch. The wife says to take it easy. To summarize Joe Friel... basically he says if you are sick below the neck, rest. If your symptoms are above the neck, try the planned workout.

So I did Spin class and it went ok. I had good motivation, and was able to get my HR into my upper zones. I climbed on the bike after class for my M1 workout but lacked the motivation to continue.

Tonight I will skip the weights and do the M1 workout. The goal this week is 45min in Zone 3. As before, I will do this at lower cadence so I can keep constant pressure on the quads.

If my cold symptoms get worse after today, I will skip my 4:00hr LSD ride tomorrow. I have done plenty longer rides so I don't feel to bad about missing one.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Another good week

I am happy with last weeks training. I was able to get about 11 hrs of riding with a couple hours lifting in the gym. I started watching what I eat and am back down under 200lbs.

Some Highlights:
A few good breakthrough workouts - M3 workout 30min in zone 3, LSD 3:30hrs, a solid Force workout with time in Z4.

I think I pushed too hard in my LSD workout. I was too tired for my workout the next day. So I think I will back down the intensity.

This week I will look to increase my Z3 time to 45min.