Monday, October 26, 2009

Prep Week 1

Last week I start working my training plan. Previous to this week, I was not training with a purpose. I was running when I could, riding some, and going to spin class. This week I started to focus on my training instead of just keeping my general fitness.

I had two goals this week... get on the bike more and hit the weights. I was able to do a fairly long ride Sunday. I lucked out, Munson came rolling up the trail as I was getting clipped into my pedals. He was on his way to Brian R's house for a 3hour ride. So I was lucky because I had some company. See Jon I am not always riding alone !! So I logged just over 2hrs.

I was able to lift twice last week. I am going to keep up the routine of lifting every 3 days. That is lift one day and take 2 days off lifting. Seems to be the right mix for me. I am still keeping the weight low and reps high.

Last week I logged 10hrs with 4hrs lifting, 2.5bike, 3hrs spinning, and .5hrs running. It is a start!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I ran 2 miles today at lunch. My time was a little slower than Monday but not bad. Also, I think my legs are adapting to running some more. There was very little discomfort.

I will do weights tonight. I am going to see if I can pick up the pace a bit. The last time I spent 2hrs to get all my workout done. I hope I can get it down to 1.5hrs.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Working the Plan

Today, I start my training plan. I am in the prep phase for the next few weeks. This means Anatomical Adaption phase in the gym and starting to get back to riding.

For the next few weeks I will keep up my running but I will probably cut it out in the beginning of my Base phase.

Today, I had weight lifting scheduled but I am going to put that off 'til tomorrow. I lifted Sunday and was still a bit sore last night. If that seems like I am already abandoning my plan... I am trying to listen to my body more and adjust accordingly.

So this morning I did an endurance workout for an hour. I quickly got my HR up around 148 and kept it there. This is my zone 2 very comfortable.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Training Plan

I built my 2010 training plan this weekend. At least most of it. I still have to fill in the rest of the races that I want to do.

I have the plan built around the Joe Martin Stage (A races) race and another peak later in the season (say State RR!!). The Norfolk Classic, Omaha Weekend, Tour of KC and Sioux Falls Crit will be B races for me. All other races will be C races.

I worked pretty hard last year. I don't think I can train much more than I did last year, so I will have to train smarter.

What am I going to do different? The Motto for this year - consistent Training... challenging but not over the top.
1) I reduced the number of hours. My longest training week will now be 19hrs.
2) Reduced my HR zones. I will rely on them to get me close but will use RPE to get the desired training effect.
3) No more 4hr sessions on the trainer. Outside I can do 4hrs easy but it is unbearable indoors.
4) Work more in the weight room. Be very conservative, increase weights only when I can do all the reps in good form.
5) Stick to the training plan better. If I can't be disciplined in group rides and stick to the plan I will have to ride by myself more.
5) Get weight down to 175lbs. I backed down my training intensity so I can be more consistent with my eating. I give myself too big of a license to eat before and after a big race. Also, if I have a stressful training week I tend to forget about my diet plan.

These are my New Years' resolutions of sort.

My Goals - I think the main one is to Complete a 20+mi TT with a avg speed of 26+mph. If I can do that I should be super competitive in Crits and RR.

Base 1 starts the week of 23 Nov. 'till then I will keep up my running do spinning and weights.

BTW - I ran today. 2mi 8:30min pace.

Friday, October 16, 2009

A month ago

I was getting ready for the State RR. Until then I was riding about everyday hitting the group rides on Tues/Weds night and usually long rides or race on the weekend. Since the RR I have ridden about 3 times.

I hope to get on the bike this weekend but I need to start building my training plan. That means writing down goals and picking races. I also need to find something to motivate me through the winter. Last year my upgrade to Cat 3 had me worried so I was super motivated to train. I still need to find something that will get my happy butt up for those early morning training sessions.

I may change things up a bit too. In the "Training Bible" Joe Friel recommends that masters do a 3week instead of 4 week base/build periods. I may give that a try.

I have taken up running to give myself a break from the bike. It has been a very slow start though. For the first week I thought I was starting conservatively with a 2 mile run on Mon/Wed/Fri. I started the second week with the same schedule but pulled a muscle in my calf on the Wed run. So I took the 3rd week off. This week I picked up running again Wed. the goal was to run 2mi but after 3/4mi my calf started to hurt again. I turned around and walked back. Today, I went the full 2mi. I had some discomfort in my calf but I kept on going. Next week I hope to 2mi on Mon/Wed/Fri again.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

2009 - Year in Review

I would like to take a couple minutes and look at my 2009 season.

Early Season (April, May, June) - I know I raced a bunch early but I can't remember a lot of the particulars. Some things that come to mind, I was sick for one of the Spring Fling and Perry Damn race. I was upset about that and regretting upgrading to Cat 3. I had a flat in the Bing RR. Not much to say there.

Snake Alley was painful, but I did well in the Wappello RR, & Melon City crit.

I did better in Norfolk with the RR & Crit I mixed it up in the pack but was still far from the lead guys.

Mid Season (July, August) - I was still not very competitive on the hillier races (Omaha Weekend). I did not do well in the Tour of KC races. For the 3 crits that I did I remember hanging on to the pack for the first 35-40min with my HR just 10beats below my max HR. After that my body shut me down.

Late Season (August, Sept) - Did the Sioux Falls Crit late August. I did well in the Master's Crit 3rd. In the Cat 3 crit, I stayed on the front too long and blew myself up and dropped off the pack.

State RR - I felt good with my performance there. The goal was to stay with the pack. This was not easy for me. Each time up the hill, I struggled. I was just happy to be with the group at the end.

So that is it for 2009...

What's next for 2010... I would like to do a couple NRC races... Joe Martin comes to mind. I would like to do the Cascade Classic stage race too(mid July) but I don't think that is in the cards next year.