Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beautiful Morning

When I woke up this morning it was nice at 34 degrees.  Really nice for Jan.  It was crisp, not too cold and a slight breeze from the North. 
I decided to take the long way into work to get in some training time and a commute.  It was early so I headed down Saddle Creek to Center and caught the trail at Aksarben Village.  There was a nice tailwind as I headed south.  I am still working on base miles so I kept my cadence up above 100 rpms and my HR in Zone 2.  I rode down the trail to Culvers then turned around back to the North to catch the Big Papio trail up to my Office at 113th and Blondo.  About 23 miles.

Last week it was easy to stick to my training plan.  I had plenty of time off with vacation and the holidays.  I was able to get 245 miles on the road.  This week is going to be a little trickier.  Today I am going to split the time with my ride in the morning and one this afternoon.  Tomorrow, I may have to ride the trainer in the morning and then lift after work.  I can cover Friday with a commute (the direct route) to work which for both ways is an hour.

The weight lose battle is heating up.  I have survived the Holidays with minimal weight gain and the past couple days I am seriously watching what I eat.