Monday, March 15, 2010

Ready set GO!!

My racing season officially started this weekend down in Lawrence, KS.  As I posted before my goals were simple test out my form and stay safe.

Master's race, 11:00am  (duration ~40min, 18laps) - First the conditions.  The temp. was in the upper 40s but with a 15-25mph it felt like they were in the lower 30s.  Seventeen of us "Old Guys" rolled up to the line.  The Official made a few short comments and we were quickly off.  Unlike a lot of races I did last year, I got clipped in quickly and was right up to the front of the pack.  Good start... check.

Not much happend for the firt two laps.  I was sitting comfortably about 5th wheel.  Then came the first points prime.  Since I was still riding in "Safe Mode" I wanted to go with the sprint but not contest the sprint.  So, as the sprinters were catching their breath I rolled along side them.  Good, I was relieved to still be with the group.

The second points prime split the pack.  The lead group with about 15 seconds ahead.  After one lap, I decided to bridge.  So, I broke out from mid-pack and charged up the hill to catch.  I knew I only had a limited time to get someones wheel before the headwind parts of the course.  Made it!!  Sweet.

I pretty much kept my position up near front off the pack, never put into real difficulty.  I was loving it ... every time we would come around I gave my wife Christine the thumbs up and smile.  She said I was up front too much.  She was right, of course.  I let my self get put into the wind on the front 6times.

I was up front on the last lap too.  Not working too had but expending some precious energy. With two legs to go on the final lap I ducked behind some lapped riders.  The group behind decided to make an attack for the finish.  I was on the wheel behind the pack through the last turn.  Then I started my sprint, passing about 4 people leaving only two in front of me.  I wasn't going to catch the lead guy but there was the other guy within reach.  I got up next to him, not knowing how long I could sustain my effort and then he cracked.  I rolled across the finish line uncontested for second.  Cruising speed, good, Sprint legs decent.  Tactics... need work!

3/4 Race 2:30pm (duration ~70min, 28laps, 25peeps) - Conditions? About the same.  This race was a bit faster but still not too difficult.   There were a couple attacks, but they were all brought back.  It was on the second points sprint that I lost contact with the lead guys.  About 6 people got off the front and never looked back.

This time, I didn't try to bridge myself.  There was a sizable gap.  I was content to stay with the main group.  The last lap came around I was happy to be sprinting for 7th place with the group.  I got 8th.

Overall I am very happy with my performance.

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Jon Downey said...

Nice job Joe. Good write up too. Hope you are even more successful this weekend.