Monday, November 22, 2010

Relative Warmth

Being warm on a ride is relative to how well you dress.  For this weekends rides, I felt cold most of the way.  I thought I had picked out the appropriate clothes.  If it is below 40, I usually wear my Pearl Izumi Amfib bib tights, a base layer a jersey, Lake boots, Pearl Izumi gloves and a Balaclava (sp?).  Usually, I stay pretty warm.  This weekend it wasn't so. 

I felt cold for the entire ride.  Maybe it is because this year I have been spoiled with the relatively nice weather.  If there is a nice thing about doing a ride when you are chilled to the bone,  it is when the ride is over. Sunday, all I thought about for the last 10miles was the big canister of instant cocao.  When I got home I started heating a batch of hot chocolate while I got into some warm clothes.  There was some homemade Chicken Soup to warm up too.  Thanks to my wife :) 

This weekends workouts included a trip to the gym for some weightlifting.  It was my first time back since probably last march.  I did light weight and very high reps for everything. Mostly to get use to the range of motion.  It was so easy I started questioning why I was there.  I think I accomplished my mission because Sunday I start feeling the affects of the workout in my legs and upper body.

Saturday, I did a 3:10hr ride up to Ft Calhoun.  I had plenty of energy for the whole ride.  Again the focus for the ride was high cadence and HR no higher than Zone 2 (155bpm).  The hill North of NP Dodge park always seems to spike my HR.  So instead of riding up it, I got off the bike and walked in order to keep in the proper training zone. 

Sunday, I rode on the Iowa side of the river.  The plan was to ride to Missouri valley.  This is a relativly flat route with a steep bump early(walked up this one too) and a longer 4-6% grade later by Honey Creek.  Most of the course was flat.   I was cold most of the way.  When I road through Cresent,  I had been riding for about an hour. Missouri Valley was still 14 miles away.  So I decided to ride another 30min then turn around.  I just wanted to be done.  Even though this ride was 3hrs long, I felt like I was training for only 2hrs.  After about 2hrs I didn't care about my cadence or HR.  I just wanted to finish.

I am glad today is a rest day.

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