Thursday, April 8, 2010

Important Lessons

I learned two important lessons last night in the Bike Master's Wednesday Night Ride.  Doing a pace line into a 30mph wind is tricky and some people, no matter how nice they are off the bike, are just assholes on the bike.

At the Bike Master's ride, I get with  a group of four.  We started working together in a 30mph wind.  The speed kept increasing.  Then somebody who "thinks" he knows how to ride calls me out for "gapping the f&^!" out of the group. I wasn't the only one "gapping" people.  I check my HR monitor as I follow through on the side of the rotation.  I maintain that speed and soft pedal when I got on the front.  If I was gapping people it was because they could not hold the pace that they had set.

Two guys dropped off then it was me and this other "Pro Rider".  I was maintaining my pace, he would come around and then I would come around.  Thought we were working together but come find out that we were in a "dick-measuring  contest".

Oh well... what is that AA saying? 

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change...


Mike Miles said...

at least he wasn't on a cross bike.

bryan said...

Nice, Joe.

Joe said...

Mike, I have a new respect for Cross Bikes.

Bryan, I respond better to "ease up". I truly was not trying to drop the group.