Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ready to Race

I am officially on a rest week.  I did an easy 2hr ride Tuesday.  Last night I went slow into the wind but on the way back felt the need for speed.  I hooked up with a couple other guys and we flew down the road at times over 30 mph. 

Tomorrow will be a rest day in preparation to the race I am doing in Iowa City.  The road race is very short for a Cat 3 race.   It almost seems like a sprint.   After a few miles I expect it to be "Game On".  Since I don't have a TT bike I am liking the fact that no TT bikes are allowed in the time trial.  I heard the crit is tough, I am worried about that.. I can't help but remember my crash last year.

I will have an aggressive race schedule for the next couple of months..
- Iowa City this weekend
- Fayettville, Ak for the Joe Martin Stage Race May
- No race
- Lincoln, NE Capital City Criteruim
- Norfolk NE "The Classic" June
- Baker City, OR Elkhorn Classic June
- Omaha, NE Omaha Weekend

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dottie Again?

Yep, I was on the trainer again last night.  Riding outside was an option but it was just as easy to climb on Dottie and go.   3hrs, that is not happening.  My only focus las night was to get some quality, long Zone 4 efforts.  I wasn't going to get off the bike until I had at least 30mins in Zone 4.

I warmed up for 40min.  By that time, I had a solid sweat puddle growning on my trainer mat.  I was ready.  I did a 2x6min, 1x7min, and 1x10min intervals.  Cool down... I was done.

The last interval was a stretch.  I had this conversation with myself to keep going and if I came up short I would have to do another 6min interval.  I made it 10 minutes on the last interval.  If only I could do that for an hour.

Tonight, I am scheduled for a 4:30 hr ride.  I will probably get about 3:30 - 4:00hrs of riding.  Close enough.  Tomorrow I am going make another attempt to do some short power intervals.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Dottie Returns

It has been weeks since I have been on my trainer.  I was going to warm up on it before the Twin Bing race but was too lazy to switch out the skewers.

Last night, I pulled out Dottie to do a short power interval workout.  Simple, just warm up well and do some 15 second sprints, rest and repeat 6+ times.  I warmed up and did a couple 1min hard efforts.  A few minutes of easy spinning,  I was ready.  My first sprint I went out too hard, I stopped the effort after 10 second.  I finished with 5 more sprint for the whole 15 sec duration with 1min break in between sprints.  Later I looked in "The Bible", the rest interval should have been 5 minutes.  I was wiped out.  My wife said I looked pale and sick.  My heart stopped racing 10minutes later.

This morning more subdued trainer work.  1:15min Zone 1/2.  I spent 40min in Zone 2.  Tonight I will finish with another 1:15min aerobic workout.

Good news, my weight is at 185lbs.  Just 15 more pounds to my goal.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Last Weekend - Back to racing

This last weekend was highlighted by the Twin Bing race.  A 68 mile road race in Climbing Hill, IA.  A race I was looking to test my fitness.  For many riders it was the first race of the year. 

The start was pretty tame.  Rolling down a flat stretch of road the hill part of Climbing Hill, IA was rising before the group.  This was the same evil hill that turned my race last year into a 66 mile training ride.  I was determine not to let that happen again.

It was a hard climb for me but I made it up no problem.  I was relieved to have survived but ther was still work to do.  What saved me was the head wind... no one was interested in attacking into a 20mph headwind at least not on that hill.  There were attacks later causing big gaps.  The gaps were filled and most of the riders were still there.

After several rollers, we turned to a flatter cross wind section.  The pace slowed.  I even did a pull on the front.   Then just before the turn into the wind the pace got faster and it was an all out scramble to chase down the leaders.  This put me into trouble...  I did get back onto a wheel but was gassed.  Another right hander then we were back into another set or rollers.  The first hill sucked but I was still with the pack.

I stayed in contact the whole first lap.  To me that was a victory... now it was an endurance game.  So, I thought.  Again, I survived the rollers and flat section.  I knew what was coming as we turned into the wind.  I wasn't disappointed.  The speed with the wind was close to 35mph.  Riders were chasing hard.  I was at my limit, another turn, then start another hill. Still at my limit.  I watched as the group left me on the base of the hill.  That's ok, I will just chase hard.  I did...never caught the small group just in front.

My cruising speed is excellent.  I was riding into a cross-headwind at 23mph.  I was working with someone but lost him on a hill.  Last lap, alone.  It was pretty miserable.  I did have pretty good energy on that last lap, right up until the last hill.  The hill and the wind got the best of me.  I rode over the 1k and what felt like 30 minutes later I was done.

I have some more comments but that is enough for now.  Heading out for a long ride tonight.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Must... Have... more control

Yesterday, I was suppose to get out and have a nice liesurly long ride.  I packed my cycling stuff so I could leave work at 4pm to ride for 4hrs.  I forgot my bike shorts. Damn!  So, I had to go home and pick them up.  Then I started thinking I could be good at a group ride.  Nice and slow, take it easy because I rode hard the night before.  In all my years of doing the Wed. Night Rides, it has been very hard to "take it easy".  Yesterday was no exception.  I am suprised I didn't get a call from Joe Friel himself call me a dumb#$# .

It was fun though.  Hanging with the group and contesting the sprints.  I seem to do well on the short hills and the flat sprints.  The longer hills still get me... yeah, I will be holding on to dear life for the race this weekend on the very first hill.

Tonight, the team is getting together in Hooper, NE.  I hope I can be in control and take it easy.  Luckily my cruising speed is pretty fast.  I can stay with the group and not work so hard.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Let's Start building

I had a pretty good rest week.  After a couple rides Tuesday and Wednesday, I took a couple days off.  The time off wasn't planned but I figured I needed the rest for my fitness test Saturday.  Problem is I didn't do that either. 

Saturday I installed in a new sink in the kitchen.  That took pretty much all day to get the plumbing right.  I did ride down the trail to 36 & Cornhusker to watch the Mtb race.   I also swapped out my large "club cut" jerseys for "race cut" jerseys.  Thanks Dan!!  I rode straitght home from the race for about 1:30hr of easy riding.

Sunday was more of the same.  Work in the kitchen then out to the Mtb race for another 1:30hr.

Now for Build week.  I have tonight to look at the training plan but I know tomorrow will be some cruise intervals.  I may make a quick trip up to Blair and do some hill and flat intervals right at my LT.  Wednesday is a long easy ride.  Thursday I will probably do a hard group ride.  So Friday it will either be a tempo ride or an aerobic ride.    Sunday is the Twin bing race so I will have to take it easy Saturday.  Also, I commuted to work today and will try to do every day this week.

Weight wise, I gained a couple pounds back after the rest week.  I need to get off another 10-15lbs by June.  I feel like I am climbing better.  The hills don't seem so steep or so long.  I took a gamble ordering the Large jerseys.  I was expecting them to be tight but they actually fit.  I was very happy about that.