Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yeah but it was a Warm Wind

Did some after work riding last night with Craig.   I was going to go out alone but talked to Craig at the last minute to come out with me.

We met at Wehrspan Lake.  I got there early and was able to do "The Loop" three times.   The loop is a loop at the park that is about a mile long... one side you climb the other you decend.  It makes for great interval training.

Once Craig arrived we headed out to Gretna down 370.   My training plan called for a force workout which mean hills with a low cadence.  That is what I got.  For the next 1:30hr we muscled up the hills and into a brutal south wind.  I didn't mind... it felt good to not be wearing my winter garb. We rolled along past "The Flying J" and down to Buffalo Road.  I was done at Buffalo Road but Craig still wanted to keep thing lively.

We got back to HiWay 50... now for the fun part.  The tail wind.  We needed the tailwind because it was getting dark and we still had 10miles to ride home.

All in all I got a force workout.  My legs feel properly stressed as if I lifted yesterday.  I believe Craig go a good Aerobic/Anerobic workout too. He is climbing well!!

Tonight it is off to Bike Masters for a aerobic endurance ride? Right... we will see if that happens.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Report

This is going to be short -

I did the training 60min 1/2/3 training Crit Saturday.  Dispite the weather it was fun.  I was able to work with my teamate to take the win over a pretty fast Cat 2 rider.  I am trying not to make too much of this since there were only 3 other riders in the race.

Sunday's ride was fun.   Too much fun.  I did not stick to the training plan at all.  I have 2 more build weeks to get serious.  Joe Martin is coming soon... need to get faster.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stuck to the plan

Last nights ride was pretty much how I described it in the previous post.  I was able to get 4 solid cruise intervals on rolling hills.  Each of the intervals were at least 10min in duration.  A couple of the hills pushed my HR up above my LT.  To add an element of a force workout I kept my cadence low.  In one of my cruise intervals, I was able to hold 23+mph from Schramm park to Hiway 50.  This was a solid "Break Through" interval for me.

Today, a 3hr endurance ride.  Going to start out on my own and then join up with the Bike Masters ride.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mixed Bag

This will be the first workout of my Build 2 phase.  I am rested and ready to ride.  I want to work on all my abilities... aerobic, Threshold, anaerobic, force, and power.  I think I will keep it down to two facets  threshold and force.

So for the thresholdpart of the workout I am going to hit Fairview road NW of SpringField.  This stretch of road is long enough to do a couple cruise interval.   I should be able to get one more cruise interval done before Schram park.

For my Force workout it will be at least a couple hill repeats up the banks of Platte R.  At least I will have a nice view while I am gasping at the top of the climb. 

Then there are a couple more opportunities for threshold intervals on the way back to Hiway 50 and then back North to Millard.

That's the plan....  I will have some company... Pat & Rich are coming along.  Pat invited some of his friends to to meet at El Bee's at 6:00.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Group Rides

Got out yesterday for a very enjoyable group ride.  The weather was great 43 - 50 degrees breezy but not to windy.  It was a great first full day of spring.

Four of us(Rich, Pat, Brandt and I) set out from El Bees to do the Schramm park route.  We kept it mellow down Hiway 50 and then turned off into the rolling hills of FairView road.  That is when the pace picked up... no worries, I stayed back with Pat.  We regrouped and headed south.  This time all together.  We had a nice steady pace line cuising along at a respectable speed.   There was nobody trying to "Get off the front" or anybody trying to grind the bunch into submission.  Even the rush to the "Sprint Point" was aggressive but controlled.

After the break at schramm, Rich talked me into doing the Schramm hill.  It was an easy sell because I was feeling good.  That too was fun!  I made it up & over the top of a 18%+ grade without gasping for air.  Bonus!

In the paceline everyone knew what to do.  If pace got too much, people knew to sit it.  If the pace was too slow they knew to come around to get their turn at the front and work.  We cruised like this for about 15miles and made quick work of our ride back toward Louisville, and then up to Springfield.  At a rest stop we sat  just to soak up the sun.

I rode back to Bellevue with Rich down 370 with a little detour to the new Trek Store.  I finished up the ride with a solo trek back west to El Bees'.  Total Mileage 60.  I felt good to go another 30 but had to head home.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another Fit Test Complete

No training criterium today so I did my build 1 fit test.

As before I took 45min to warm up.  This one was tough.  Ten minutes into the test I wanted to be done.  My music wasnt motivating me either.  All I had to keep me going hard was that I wanted to see some improvement from my build 1 phase training.  The test was done on my trek and on the trainer

Once again my HR monitor was not reading my HR as I worked harder.  So I don't know my avg HR... the main reason to take the test.  I will probably keep training at 173bpm as my lactic threshold.

Another metric that I have been tracking is my average speed.  I am up 1.1mph from my last test.  I am happy with this result.  I have gained at least 1mph from each training stage from 15.3mph back in December to 19.5 now.  Since this was done on the trainer, I don't know what speed this translates to on the road.

Going out tomorrow for a 3hr ride.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bike Master's Crew

Got out for a Wed Night Ride with the Group from bike masters.  Had to test the legs against the like of Ryan & Brandon.  I felt good but can't let my guard down they are riding real well too.

The rest week is almost over, I can't believe my final build phase is upon me.  Got to get re-focused!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Looking in on a Crit

Ready set GO!!

My racing season officially started this weekend down in Lawrence, KS.  As I posted before my goals were simple test out my form and stay safe.

Master's race, 11:00am  (duration ~40min, 18laps) - First the conditions.  The temp. was in the upper 40s but with a 15-25mph it felt like they were in the lower 30s.  Seventeen of us "Old Guys" rolled up to the line.  The Official made a few short comments and we were quickly off.  Unlike a lot of races I did last year, I got clipped in quickly and was right up to the front of the pack.  Good start... check.

Not much happend for the firt two laps.  I was sitting comfortably about 5th wheel.  Then came the first points prime.  Since I was still riding in "Safe Mode" I wanted to go with the sprint but not contest the sprint.  So, as the sprinters were catching their breath I rolled along side them.  Good, I was relieved to still be with the group.

The second points prime split the pack.  The lead group with about 15 seconds ahead.  After one lap, I decided to bridge.  So, I broke out from mid-pack and charged up the hill to catch.  I knew I only had a limited time to get someones wheel before the headwind parts of the course.  Made it!!  Sweet.

I pretty much kept my position up near front off the pack, never put into real difficulty.  I was loving it ... every time we would come around I gave my wife Christine the thumbs up and smile.  She said I was up front too much.  She was right, of course.  I let my self get put into the wind on the front 6times.

I was up front on the last lap too.  Not working too had but expending some precious energy. With two legs to go on the final lap I ducked behind some lapped riders.  The group behind decided to make an attack for the finish.  I was on the wheel behind the pack through the last turn.  Then I started my sprint, passing about 4 people leaving only two in front of me.  I wasn't going to catch the lead guy but there was the other guy within reach.  I got up next to him, not knowing how long I could sustain my effort and then he cracked.  I rolled across the finish line uncontested for second.  Cruising speed, good, Sprint legs decent.  Tactics... need work!

3/4 Race 2:30pm (duration ~70min, 28laps, 25peeps) - Conditions? About the same.  This race was a bit faster but still not too difficult.   There were a couple attacks, but they were all brought back.  It was on the second points sprint that I lost contact with the lead guys.  About 6 people got off the front and never looked back.

This time, I didn't try to bridge myself.  There was a sizable gap.  I was content to stay with the main group.  The last lap came around I was happy to be sprinting for 7th place with the group.  I got 8th.

Overall I am very happy with my performance.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Lack Luster Workout

Last night I climbed onboard to do a Anerobic-Endurance intervals.  The plan was to do 5 intervals 3-6min into Zone 5b this is about HR 178bpm for me.  I did a good 30min warmup which included a 10min effort in zone 4... I thought I was ready to go. 

The first interval I struggled to get to 170bpm.  I held that for about 5min.  Second interval, 170bpm again! for about 5min.  The third interval was better at 175 but not close to my zone 5b.  I struggled to hold that for 4min.   When I stopped I was gasping for air as if I just had done a sprint for a race.  I was done... there was no way I was going to get to 178bpm.   So, to salvage the workout I did one more solid zone 4 effort then an easy spin to finish up the workout.

Thinking about the workout there are a few things that may have limited my performance. 
1) My 5:30am workout in Spin Class was very intense
2) I ate 45min before this workout
3) This is my third week of build training.  I don't think I am overtrained but I am definatly in the "Valley of Fatitgue" as Joe Friel puts it in his book.
4) I a mentally exhausted for riding the trainer...

So with that and the fact that I am going to do a couple of crits tomorrow I am taking the day off. 

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The switch

This week I have been riding the Pinarello.  It is still set up how I left it last fall but there is a difference between it and my Trek.  The most noticable difference is the seat on the Pinarello is very hard.  My sit bones are killin me.  It seems like the seat is up a little higher too.  I think it will take a week or two to get adjusted to the Pinnarello.

Tuesday I did a 2hr Force workout with several climbs of low cadence and into my HR Zone 5a.

Wednesday - 3.5 hr endurance ride (on the trainer... yuck!)

Thurs - AM Spin Class   TODO: PM Anerobic endurance intervals

Friday - Have to get ready to race in Lawrence but if I have time I will do a 1:30 endurance ride.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring! Wait for it, Wait for it...

We are almost there with daylight savings time coming up this weekend.  The group rides are getting bigger the days are getting longer.  The Pinnarello is up from the Bike Cave ready to ride!

I had a pretty good week last week although some of my workouts were shortened overall I stayed with the plan.  The highlight of the week was Saturdays ride.  It was a fast group ride North to Ft Calhoun via Omaha trace road and then back through the Boyer Chute area to the steep hills on 60th street.  For the first time this year I was able to hold a race pace for about 15min on the rolling hills of the Omaha Trace road.  Then again a steady pace on the flats by Boyer Chute.  My last hard efforts were on the steep hills of 60th St.

Sunday it was another group ride down to Schramm park and back North.  This time we only did 53mi

This week the training continues with the final work week of Build 3.  The weather looks rainy so I may have to do most my training inside.

Saturday, I am driving down to Lawernce, KS for on of the Spring Fling training crits.  I plan on doing the Master's crit at 11:00 and then the 3/4 crit later.  This will be good training for me.  It should improve my top end fitness and give me solid crit practice with 20- 30 other guys.   Also, I have no clue how fit I am so it will be good to get in the mix with other riders again.  The plan is to stay out of trouble... push hard stay with the group and stay safe.

Friday, March 5, 2010

In a Nutshell

This week in a nutshell... here goes

Tues - AM Spin class 1:00 hour, took it easy so I could be rested for trainer hills.
           PM Trainer :50min, short warmup, did two long hils, got my HR up to zone 5, had to cut the ride short  to get on a conference call

Wed - 3:30hrs outdoor riding bliss with Rich Anderson.  med/easy ride 45miles

Thurs - AM Short power intervals in spin class :45min
            PM SE intervals 5 efforts into zone ~5a/b for with duration of 4 to 5 minutes.  HR monitor freaks when I get into the upper zones.  Very annoying!!

Fri - Scheduled 1:30hrs endurance ride - This one is on the bubble, could possible take a day off to be rested for a hard day on Saturday.