Monday, May 24, 2010

Back to blogging - about what, of course training and racing

Not sure why, but I have not made any blog entries in awhile.  Hopefully, I can somewhat commit to a couple blogs a week.

I raced this weekend down in Lincoln thanks to Bike Pedals.  I was automatically signed up for the Cat 3 race since I was Rider of the Year for 2009.  With that I agonized about whether to pay another $27 or not to race the Master's at 9:15am.  To make a long story short I signed up. 

I knew I was up for quite possibly a harder race than the Cat 3 race.   The race didn't disappoint.  It started off fast, fast, fast,... I was up there though.  Still highly motivated to stay on with the group.  I knew who the fast guys were, Spence, Vondrecek, Shim.  They pushed the pace for the first 10 laps or so.  I was still there.  Not quite sure who caused it but one more surge seperated the pack.  I was behind Vondecek.   Predictably, he took off to catch his Cat 2 commrades, and just as predictably I chased but could not match his pace.  I was gassed, then several other attempts were made by other riders.  No luck... with that we were officially the "Chase Group".  

I admit it, I sat in.  I was working hard just to stay with this group, I had no business getting on the front.  3 laps to go, the fast guy who was pushing the pace dropped right in front of me to take a rest.  I was in great position.  Just before the last lap, I found myself on the front.  Not the best place to be but that was fine.  I moderated the pace, expecting people to come around me.  Nothing happened.  Two more corners to the long drag race finish.  I wanted to be first into that corner.  I was, but there was another guy on the outside.  He beat me out buy a bike length.  I finished 5th on the roade and 4th in my age group.

That was the good race... I didn't do so well with the Cat 3.  Again, there was a break.  I was with the chase group, and then off the back.  Somehow, I think I let the excuse of doing an early race get to me.  I didn't have the mental energy to stay with the group.  I was done... now it was a training ride.  A very hot exhausting training ride.

Sunday it was a Pioneers park and back to riding on hills.  I was feeling good riding with the group.  I would ride hard up the hill and use the rest of the course.   Stayed with the group for 5 'bouts with the hill.    The last hill I worked too hard and then I was off by myself.  Another training ride.

Athough the results were dissapointing, it was fun to get out with the team racing.