Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Snake Alley Weekend

Yep... I did the Snake Alley Criterium this weekend. The original plan was to do the 40+ masters and then the Cat 3 later that day but one race was enough for me. Each and every time up Snake Alley had me thinking about abandoning the race. Loup Gouru summed it up pretty well.

I also did the Wappello-Burlington 3/4 RR the night before. Note to self pre-view the course. I felt good for most of the race. I started the race in the back of the field so I got some good experience moving up through the pack. Working through gaps and leveraging my way to the front. The speed of the peleton was very high with the average speed at the end of 26mph. I was in a couple breaks but we were brought back. In the end I did not have a good position for the final sprint. I got 18th out of 77. Still within a couple of seconds from the winner.

I also did the Melon City Crit 40+ masters... got 15th out of 28.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

About Last week

Last week I had a solid week of training. There was just the right mix of easy days with hard days. I was able to two fast group rides on Tues. & Thurs and took it easy for the Bike Masters group ride on Wed. Saturday, I rode alone some then I hooked up with Craig and some other people on a polio ride. Sunday I did a quick ride up to Blair. I was hoping for a 4hr ride but I covered the 55mi in just over 3hrs.

Last week was the final week of my build 2 period. I am ready to do more hard workouts but I will stick to the plan which requires me to take a week off this week.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The forgotten blog

not really forgotten but just haven't taken the time. Anyway another quick report on last weeks training.

Wednesday night - 2:30hrs to North from Mid Town to Ft Calhoun and back. I was hoping to catch the Trek store group but I don't think they went north that night.

Thursday Night - 2:00hrs. I let Nick and Vaughn beat up on me. We did a quick ride from Bike way North to Elk City. We hammered hard on the road east of Mt Micheal. I barely hung on to the two speedsters on the longest hill. I recovered a bit to take a few pulls but they did most of the work. I was able to get several long zone 5a efforts and one 2-3min zone 5b effort chasing Nick down. It didn't happen.

Friday Night - off

Saturday - 1:00hr spin class. 3:00hrs w/Nick Z & Chris S. Another hammer fest for me. After riding around town for a bit... Chris had to help someone with her mower. We headed towards Blair. I felt good that day, even though I would get dropped on a few hills. Thursdays ride seemed to be aerobic... this ride was more power and muscle strength. I am not sure why but my HR stayed mostly in the 160s but my legs were burning like crazy. It felt like one 2" strand of my quads was doing all the work.

Sunday 3:30hrs:64mi - by myself. North to Blair again. I kept the HR under 150bpm but I was still cruising fast. I tested my cruising speed. On a flat section of road and out of the wind I ramped my HR up to 150bpm (middle of zone 2 for me). My speed was about 25mph. The last time I did this my speed was about 24.

Monday - off

This is my last Build 2 week. It would be sweet if I can repeat last week again this week.