Monday, January 31, 2011

A Very Good week

It was a very good week, I met all of my weekly goals.  The two main goals were to get 16hrs of training and get over 250 miles on the bike.  Check and Check.  As usually there were a couple days where I had very low energy.  These days were Thursday and Sunday.  Other than those days I had good energy for my rides.  Including 2hrs weight lifting I had a total of 16:30hrs training last week and 253miles on my trainer and in Spin class.

I decided not to go outside Saturday morning so I did my long ride on the trainer downstairs at the Bike Rack.  This week is a rest week... only 10:30hrs.  I say only but it is still a substantial amount of work.

It feels good to stay on track.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I am going to  ride tomorrow.  I can handle temps in the 20s but the problem is refeeze of  the melting going on today.  Good news is I have studded tires on my Single Speed.  Bad news, the studs are worn down.

So the game plan is to start at The Bike Rack, ride West on Maple and then ride where the wind carries me.  I am thinking Fremont again.   Ride time 4:30hrs.  Anyone? Anyone?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

About last night

Last night I was determined to get at least 90 minutes on the bike for the second half of the days workout.  Since the Bike Rack closes at 7:00, I needed to get there and be set up by 5:30.  No problem, I climbed on the bike at 5:30. 

Ten minutes later my heart rate was still low.  Just over 100bpm which is not even Zone 1 for me.  No problem, I will just focus and work a little harder.  120bpm was all I could manage.  Normally, once I am warmed up my heart rate settles in to 138ish.  Not this time.  I was struggling to keep the heart rate about 100bpm. 

If I didn't have a heart rate monitor I would have thought I had a good workout.  I was still pushing hard, sweating, and spinning my pedals at a good cadance.  The only give away was my gear choice which was very low(easy).  As soon as my computer read 1:30hr, I climbed off the trainer, packed up and headed home.

I am not quite sure what I accomplished sitting on the bike in such a condition.  The only good I see in sitting on the bike last night is that I burned some calories.  I don't know how and if it contributed to my fitness.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Checking In

This week started early.  Normally I take Mondays off but decided to hit the weights in the evening. 

I loaded up the squat bar with the same amount of weight I have been using for the past 2 weeks.  It felt light so I pushed a bit harder on the way up.  Making the lifting phase of the squat more explosive.  By the 5th set I was back to normal speed.  My legs were toast at the leg press... I did two of three sets.  I felt I accomplished the goal on the legs.  Only other thing of note is that chin ups are getting easier.  I still can only do 2 at a time though.

Tuesday morning I sat in on the 5:30 spin class and did some more time to get 2:00hrs.  Tuesday night ... nothing. 

This morning, I sat on the trainer for just under 2hrs.  I was full gas up to 1:45hrs.  Just couldn't bare to sit on the bike for another 10min.  Tonight, I have another 2hrs scheduled.  I doubt I will get that.  It will be more like 90min.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Before the Storm

Saturday, I was able to get outside to ride before the snow storm.  At 19 degrees the tempurature was relativly warm. 

To make a long story short I was able to ride for approx 4hrs.  This was perhaps my longest ride in 5 months.   It felt good to get off the trainer.  I like the "Bar Mitts" that I had on the bike but they were almost too warm.  I wore some lighter weight gloves but still had to pull my hands out of the bar mitts to cool them down.  I did notice one issue with the mitts... you are pretty much locked down to one hand position.  This is a problem for longer rides.  My back was getting a little cranky from riding on the hoods. 

So, the final numbers on last week were ~14hrs of training and 183miles.  This next weeks schedule calls for more training time.  I can handle a little more time but am going to focus on getting more sleep in order to get more quality time on the bike.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Hard day

Yesterday was a hard day.   I had low energy from the start but I am glad I pushed through to do as much as I could. 

It took me awhile to get out of bed when the alarm went off.  Then at the gym, I was too tired to complete all my reps on some of my excersices.   Work was a drag too... It felt like a long day.  In the evening, I had planned a 1:30hr ride but only did 1:15 and the last 15min really shouldn't count.

Not quite sure why I was so tired.  I had 3hrs of trainer time Wednesday but I don't think that is the only reason.  I think it is that I am not use to getting up so early for 3 days straight.  I am hoping if I keep a consistant sleeping routine that I will be better next week.

Tomorrow, I have a 4hr day planned.  Yikes, I don't know how I am going to do it.  I want to ride outside because I don't think I am "Tough Enough" to spend 4hrs on the trainer.  Right now even 3hrs sounds long.  I may try for 3hrs and then go lift weights in the afternoon.  We'll see.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

As expected

I climbed on the bike for a 90min ride last night.  It was a conservative ride because I knew that I had to get up early and repeat This morning.

Last night I stayed mostly in the upper part of Zone 1 with 35minutes in Zone 2.  This morning, I was tired.  It wasn't from the riding but from less sleep.  Also, I wasn't motivated to climb on the trainer again.  I expected that feeling.  Luckily I wasn't done with my Movie "Overcoming" (about Bjarne Riis & Team CSC in the tour) so I climbed on the bike and started slowly ramping up to cruising speed within 15min.  Again my effort was mostly in Zone 1.  In the last half hour I challenged myself to keep the effort up in Zone2 for 15min before the cool down.

Tonight it is off to the Bike Rack for some group spinning.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Training Program - Redoux

I wasn't feeling to good about my training to date.  I had some good weeks and some bad but nothing really consistant.  This weekend I did some recalculating.  I have the same overall goals but have to pick another race to do my peaking.  Like something in June, or July.

For now,  I have a plan laid out.  So now by the power of the pencil, I am in Base 1 wk 2 AGAIN this week.  Why start at Base 1 wk 2?  In the context of the training plan from the Joe Friel's Training bible and a 650hr Annual Training plan, I am ready for Base 1 wk 2.  I have been riding ~12hrs a week for several weeks.  Also, some easier riding will allow me to focus on my weight.  That is where I am really struggling.  Let's just say, that I have a lot of "Dead Meat" on me.  So it is another couple weeks of mostly Aerobic Endurance rides.  I may throw in some Tempo rides.

I planned to ride a lot outside on the weekends, probably mostly on my single speed.  Not to show how tough I am but just to get off the trainer.  Nothing kills your training Mojo like a 3+hrs ride on the trainer.  I bought a Giro Snowboard helmet which is perfect for cold temps.  It has vents on the top that you can open and close.  It has attached liner pads come down over your ears.  I may buy a Pearl Izumi P.R.O series jacket too and I already have some Bar Mitts.  They work well.

The Pinarello is getting work done too.   I am replacing my compact crank with a standard one... along with a new chain and rear cluster.  Until then I will be using "Blue" my '99 Trek 5200 and my Single speed.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Update

After unplanned rest day on Friday, I was ready to do some training this weekend.  Saturday I was at the Bike Rack with about 30 other peeps.  It was a very motivating sight.   I wish the people for Live Well Omaha could see that there are people in Omaha that are very health oriented.  I lead them through a virtual Time Trial.  A hilly one at that.  We would grind up a hill for one song and then do some high cadence work down the back side of the hill.  We had a solid 35 minutes of Zone 4 work.  After about an hour, most people left but a few of us racers stayed for another hour.  Time goes by quick when you are with friends.

Later that day I headed to the gym for some weight training.  I was motivated to start the next 2 week phase of weights.  This phase has the same excersizes but more sets and fewer reps.  For example, last week I was doing 3sets of 6 squats and now it is 5 sets of 5 squats.  Since I was loosing some form last week at 165, I didn't up the weight for the squats.

Sunday I lead the spining class at my gym for an hour and then back to bike race for another 90minutes on the training.  The group had put up some Lance Documentary and I watched some of it.  I mostly was head down doing my high cadence Aerobic Endurance workout.  I was going good but ran out of steam about 1:15 minutes into it.  I spun another 5min and then got off the bike.  NO JUNK MILES right?

I had a good week but I feel like it is not enough.   I have to re-assess my training plan.  I don't know if I will be ready for Joe Martin.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working hard

Yesterday was a good day.  I was able to crank out a 60minute tempo ride early in the morning.  I rushed the warmup a little which made the first 15 minutes a struggle to get up to and stay in Zone 3.  After that I it was rather easy to keep a tempo effort.

Since I did a somewhat hard workout in the morning I should have taken it easy with Zone 2 Aerobic ride in the evening.  I didn't.  I worked hard with the group.

This morning it was back to the gym for more weight lifting.  My first excersize was squats and I up'd the weight another 165lbs.  Ten pounds more than Tues.  That may be a bit much because I was feeling the strain in my back.  I finished all my sets and reps though.  I may have to stay at that weight or start wearing a belt.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quick Note

Did my 60min Tempo workout this morning.  RPM under 80 and HR 155+ for an hour.  Tonight it is off to the bike rack for another 1:30hrs with HR mostly in Zone 2.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Weights

I look forward to my time lifting weights.  I have always lifted in the winter but this is the first winter that I have done mostly free weights.  My lifting is that shining part of my training this year.  I feel like I am leaning out, but my body weight is still high at 195lbs.  If the extra weight translates to bike power I will be happy but I know for the Joe Martin Stage race that I will have to shed some fat and possible a little bit of the muscle.

On the squats I added another 10lbs to push the weight up to 145lbs.  Still not much but I monitor my technique carefully.  Lowering my legs until they are parallel to the floor.  Listening to my body for any joint or muscle pain.  One added benefit for doing squats is that they are helping my shoulder flexiblity.  When I started squats it was a strain on my shoulders to hold up the bar.  Also since I was not so flexible I could not put the bar lower onto the "meaty" part of my shoulders.

After squats I do leg presses.  I am still working 2x6 reps of nearly 500lbs.  The weight for this excersize may go up a little in the near future.

I may be stuck at 70lbs for the single leg Hamstring curls.  I can get 6 reps but my form starts failing me at 4 reps.

I will be holding 135 on the bench for another few sessions.  I may add another 5lbs next week.  I am happy with my progress here.  For me, there is something about graduating to the big plates.   That statement may take some psychological evaluation.

Chin ups, I am up to 2 per set.  I would like to improve in this to at least 6.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Another update

Although I would like to get in more aerobic endurance time on the bike, I have been doing well with strength workouts and my Muscle Endurance workouts.

Last week I did a couple Muscle Endurance workout on Tuesday, and Sunday.  I add 15 minutes each week.  I try to keep the cadence down to below 85rpms so I have nice tension on my quads.   Yesterday I did a 30min warmup to my Zone 2 (~150bpm) before I started.  This made it very easy, to elevate my HR to 160+bpm.  The 45minutes was hard but very sustainable, I am ready to move up to 60min next week.

Also, last week I did two sessions weight lifting.  I know it doesn't sound like much but I was able to squat 135lbs.  That is the bar plus two 45lb plates.  This week I will shoot for another set of 10lb plates.  My goal is to squat 225lbs with good form.

Friday night I had a bonus workout.  I met Rich out in Benson to do the Greenstreet sprints.  I did not do the tournament but I did challange some other guys.  To win a sprint it is all about leg speed, there is very little resistance.  The forks of the bike that you ride have their forks mounted, and the back wheel sits on rollers.  So when they say good, you just pedal as fast as you can.  It was amazing to watch Kyle and Lucas give it all they got.  I suppose they were well over 200rpm. 

I did challenge Rich.  We tied downed to the 1000ths of a second (although, the computer said I won).  We had a rematch and he got me pretty good.  Oh well it was fun.  I will count that as a Power/Speed work workout.

Next week I am going to bump up my Muscle Endurance workout time to 60min.  Also, I need to do more time in the saddle with more Aerobic Endurance rides of 2+hrs.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training Update

I am not very happy with what I have been able to do for training on a couple different fronts.  Mostly, I am not happy with the number of hours I am devoting to the bike.  I ride almost every day but most of the time it is only for an hour or a bit more.  I may get a 2hr session in on the weekends but that is about it.  I may have to re-think my Race Schedule.  Joe Martin in early may is fast approaching. 

My weight lifting is going well, I feel super strong lifting weights and on the bike.  This year I have focused on doing squats.  Lots of squats.  Initially I didn't like them... the bar hurt my shoulders,  I was worried about my lower back, and worried about my knees.  I just took it slow and worked on my technique.  I learned to situate the bar on my shoulders so it doesn't hurt.  My back and knees have adapted well too.   Now I am hitting one of my goals. More of a milestone.  Tonight I will squat 135lbs.   It is not much, I can bench press that much.   I look forward to my weight lifting sessions.

On the bike, I have not done the 3hr slogs but have been making sure I get my tempo and speed work done.   Last week I started off with 30 minutes of muscle endurance.  Muscle endurance for me is keeping my HR at 162 and a lower cadence of 75 - 85 rpms.  Last night I did 45minutes.  I felt good.

A couple goals for this week is to do a 2:30 hr ride and do another 45minute muscle endurance ride.