Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Last night I did most of the workout below.  I think I need to work on technique a little more with the squats and dead lifts.  They just don't feel right.  After I finished I asked the gym manager and trainer how to do Dead Lifts and he showed me.  He explained that I should feel it in my glutes and not my lower back.  Although I spent an hr lifting, I don't think I got the desired workout.  I may try again Weds.

Week 1 & 2 (Mondays and Thursdays)
Squat: 3×12 (technique)
Leg press: 2×12
Leg curl: 2×12
Bench press: 2×12
Chinups: 2×8
Dead lift: 3×5 (technique)

This morning I climbed on the bike for a 90min endurance ride.  I got 50min.  There are a few reasons that I cut my ride short. First, I don't have a plan this week.  It is a rest week for me so I can be rested for my fitness test and before my training officially starts.  When I have a plan,  I try harder to get the scheduled hours/minutes.  Secondly, I am in a serious calorie deficet. I thought I could get on the trainer to burn off more calories.  I did but each minute seemed like an eternity.  Lastly, I am not ready for the trainer... maybe this is from the calorie deficet too.  I am going to do another week with this diet extreme then moderate it to a more reasonable diet.


Marc said...

I like to recommend that beginners, or if it's been a year since lifting, to use machines. Develop some fitness with the machines first then move onto free weights.

I dislike the term diet. If you count calories going in and going out you should be fine. A deficit of 500 Cal/day over 7 days = 1lb. The fitter you get the more muscle and thus the more Calories you'll burn. Go at it slowly and consistently.

Joe said...

Thanks for the advice. With the weights I may do just what you suggested and go back to the machines.

You are right about counting calories. It is the only way I know to be able to eat the foods that I want and still loose weight. Right now before I get to some serious training. I am taking extreme measures to loose about some weight.