Monday, February 8, 2010

Base 3 Final Week

Yes! it is my last week of my base period.  It is also the longest week of my training schedule.

I finished strong this weekend.  Friday I had a good 2hr endurance ride.  Then followed that up with 1:00hr in spin class and then 2:00hrs of hill repeats.   I finished Sunday with an Ok 4:00hrs on the trainer.  Sunday was just Ok because I spent a lot of time in Zone 1.  I was mentally tired.

I finished off the week with 15:15hrs of 17:00.  Not bad.  The time I was short was due to work.

This weeks schedule calls for 19:00hrs... yikes!  If I get 16:00hrs I will be happy.  I made some slight modifcations to the schedule.  Instead of a tempo ride Tues., I will do a Cruise interval ride.  The tempo ride will be pushed to Thursday mixed in with some form sprints.  Still doing hill repeats on Saturday.  Don't want to think about the two 4:30hr days..ugh!

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