Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Evolution baby

Yesterday schedule included a morning spin class and another longer ride to complete the 4 scheduled rides.

Spin class went well, the class was packed. I had them do some longer intervals into zone 4. We started with some short intervals to warm up. After that we did a pyramid starting with 1 min intervals up to 4 min intervals. The class seemed to like the longer efforts.

After class I felt like riding immediatly but it was still cold and icy so I waited till noon. Through the hills up to Blair I felt strong and fast. Even though I was keeping my HR in zone 2. I made it to Blair in under an hour so I kept heading north. I wanted 3hrs on the bike. I knew that I would have a head wind so I turned around 1:15 into the ride. I still had another hour to ride from Ft Calhoun so took the Boyer Chute, NP Dodge route for some extra time. Final time 3:02.

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