Monday, November 29, 2010

Last Week - Wrap up

Last week I felt like I accomplished all of my goals.  I wanted to ramp up my saddle time, get started with my weight training, and start watching my weight.

I had some decent time in the saddle last week.  I was motivated to get on the trainer for 1:30hrs and I did a 1:00hr spin class Monday.

Thanksgiving day, I did no training.  That was ok, I just scheduled in a rest day and bumped up my Friday training time which is normaly a light day of about 1:00hr or so.   The plan was to ride 2hrs.  Done.  I went out alone to do a Aerobic/High Cadence ride.  I was motivated to do more but decided to just keep to the schedule.

Saturday, my schedule called for a 2:00hr base Aerobic ride.  I headed south down the keystone trail for this ride.  I enjoyed the ride.  100rpms is starting to be the cadence of choice for me.  I decided that on the flats I am going to try to keep my cadence at least 100.  Then on any incline up, I will try to keep cadence 90 - 100rpms.  I don't have much power yet at these high cadences but I figure that will come.

Sunday, I had a 3:00hr ride scheduled.  I decided to ride my SS at Tranquility with some team members.  I rode for an hour to make up some time.  I should note that it was very windy Sunday.  Wind gusts were up to 30+mph.  This ride definatly did not fit into my training plan.  I spent too much time over zone 2 HR.  It was more like a Force/Hill workout than a Aerobic Base workout.  It was a good break from "The Plan" while getting some training.  I am sure it was helpful in some ways.

I was able to hit the weights on Friday too.  I found a weight routine for cyclist.  I like it because it gets you out of the gym in about an hour.  Also, it really seems to blast the legst and some core body elements.  I added situps and straight leg dead lifts to the mix.

Finally, I started on my diet.  I needed to.  After Turkey dinner, my weight jump to over 200lbs... yikes, stop the bleeding!!  Right now I am happy to say, I am under 200lbs again.  I need to make weight loss the prime focus of my training routine.

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