Monday, March 22, 2010

Group Rides

Got out yesterday for a very enjoyable group ride.  The weather was great 43 - 50 degrees breezy but not to windy.  It was a great first full day of spring.

Four of us(Rich, Pat, Brandt and I) set out from El Bees to do the Schramm park route.  We kept it mellow down Hiway 50 and then turned off into the rolling hills of FairView road.  That is when the pace picked up... no worries, I stayed back with Pat.  We regrouped and headed south.  This time all together.  We had a nice steady pace line cuising along at a respectable speed.   There was nobody trying to "Get off the front" or anybody trying to grind the bunch into submission.  Even the rush to the "Sprint Point" was aggressive but controlled.

After the break at schramm, Rich talked me into doing the Schramm hill.  It was an easy sell because I was feeling good.  That too was fun!  I made it up & over the top of a 18%+ grade without gasping for air.  Bonus!

In the paceline everyone knew what to do.  If pace got too much, people knew to sit it.  If the pace was too slow they knew to come around to get their turn at the front and work.  We cruised like this for about 15miles and made quick work of our ride back toward Louisville, and then up to Springfield.  At a rest stop we sat  just to soak up the sun.

I rode back to Bellevue with Rich down 370 with a little detour to the new Trek Store.  I finished up the ride with a solo trek back west to El Bees'.  Total Mileage 60.  I felt good to go another 30 but had to head home.

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