Thursday, March 31, 2011

What to think?

I decided late yesterday afternoon to test my legs at the "Wednesday Night World" ride from the Trek store.  The ride started at 5:30.  It truly was a last minute decision... I wasn't prepared at all.  No clothes laid out, no water bottles, and no dinner.  I have about a 20min drive home, in that time I thought about how I was going to get rush through the house to get everything ready.  Where are my bottles, what clothes to where, air in the tires, lights, ride or drive to the shop...etc.

I decided it would be faster to ride to the shop.  I had plenty of time once on the bike.  Whew! relief.  I made it with a few minutes to spare.  We did the typical roll out down the trail then North out of town.  There is a long flat road about 3miles before the ride kicks into full throttle.  I kept thinking... I don't want to work.    A couple of guys got out in front just before the hill.  A sort of head start or pre-emptive strike.  I was on the front not working too hard but not resting either.  Just waiting for the rest to roll by.  Note to self... don't do that!  Surprise, I was able to stay resonably close to the lead pack.  I had to make up a little gap.   Heart rate check 179bpm.  Top of Zone 5.

Now there was about ten guys in the packed.  Some guys that I have never ridden with were pretty fast.  I was right at my aerobic threshold when we hit the next big hill.   I blew up on this hill.  I had to slow down and found a more sustainable pace.  Again, the group got together.

Next up were the rolling hills of the Omaha trace rd.  I like rolling hills.  I saw some incredible speeds on my computer.  35mph down hills 25mph over the hills.  I was pretty comfortable with this pace.  I had good energy for the sprint.  Limpach and Lucas got out in front but I wasn't far behind.

Overall, I am happy with my fitness.  It was fun to mix it up with a group ride.  The bike works great!  No problems at all.  It just did it's thing and let me do all the work.  TODOs:  more cruise intervals, more hills, less weight :)

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