Monday, March 28, 2011

Ready to Rest

Though, I did not ride all my scheduled hour I finished with a solid week. 

After I missed my Thursday and Friday rides, I was determined to ride and not on the trainer.  I ventured outside in the snow.  I prefer to have 35 degrees and snow over the same temp and rain.   My feet and seat still got wet from the wet road but it was bearable.  I was able to ride 4hrs.  In that 4hrs I did 25min in zone 4 with some long cruise intervals into the wind.  I did another 35 minutes in zone 3 and the rest in Zone 2 and below.  The last hour I was done riding and just limped home.

Sunday, I was scheduled for 5hrs.   I led a Spin class and then made it home for a 4hr ride.  Craig was able to meet me at Hiway 370 & Hiway 50.  We coodinated out training schedule and it worked out good.  He had a "Group Ride" day.  He could ride hard or easy.  I had an endurance ride... zone 2 and lower.  We set a moderate pace down Hiway 50.  Craig rode hard up the hills and I kept my consistant speed.  Once we got on the flats, Craig would do most of the pulling into the wind.  There were a couple times my HR went above my Zone 2.  We parted ways at Hiways 370 & 50.  I rode home into a steady headwind.  I had to help out with some painting at home so I called my wife for a rescue.  Still I had 4:15hrs on the road. 

This morning it was very slow going.  I was beat.  Thank goodness I am now on a rest week.

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