Monday, March 7, 2011

Rest Week Highlights

I was on the bike 3 times for a total of 6hrs.  I climbed on Tuesdays and not until Saturday did I climb on again for my test.

The test on Saturday went well.  I was fairly motivated for the test.  I have been doing so many Endurance rides in the base period I was looking forward to the challenge of working hard again.  Also, I was interested in how my training is progressing.   I don't use power but I can compare my avg Speed for the 30min time period. 

After a proper warmup, I started my 30min TT.  I was able to get my HR to 175bpm within the first 5 minutes.  I felt pretty comfortable.  It started to get tough about 8 minutes into the test.  Going slower was not an option so I kept pushing.  I was relieved when I finally hit the 20 minute mark but at that point 10 more minutes seemed like an eternity.  My avg. speed was dropping.  Now down to 5 minutes.  I have been able to lift my effort in the last 5 minutes but not for this test.  I could only manage a short burst of energy for a few seconds. 

The end result was avg speed was a little bit higher than last year.  My avg HR was 175bpm.  When I looked at my graph, I noticed that my top sustained speed was when I had my cadence at ~106rpm.  Interesting.

So, the training zones will be the same.  I think 175bpm is about right.  Anything above that seem to be unsustainable for more than a few minutes.

Sunday, I was back to a 3hr endurance ride.

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