Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Toughing it out

I climbed on my trainer last night to do my cruise intervals.  I had to stop at Lowe's to pick up some stuff for my kitchen remodel so I didn't get dinner until 6:30.  When I got home I ate too much.  Well, too much to climb on the trainer to do an intense workout.  I waited for an hour and watched some of the Tirreno-Adriatico race.

I was on the trainer at 7:45.  The plan was to do 3x12min cruise intervals.  Intesity zone 4/5a.  I really hoped to hold a good effort in zone 5a.  I did my standard warm up recovered for 10min and was ready for my first interval. 

From the start 12min seemed do-able.  I watch my HR steadily climb into zone 4.  Five minutes into the interval I was right at 174.  The top of my zone 4.  The next 3 minutes I struggled to keep that effort.  To finish out the 8th minute I convinced myself that I could change plans and do 4x8minute intervals for the workout session.  That is what I did.  I finished the last interval did about a minute easy spin and I was ready to get off the bike.  It was the hardest thing I have done this year to date.

I am taking off work early to paint my kitchen and do an endurance ride.  This ride is going to be nice and mellow.  Nothing over Zone 2.   The hardest thing to do is stick to the training plan because I really want to do a Wednesday Night Shop ride to test out the legs.

Yesterday was a good start to my Base 3 week 3.  Adding up my workouts for the day I had over three hrs (45min Spin Class, 45min elliptical, and 1:30+hr trainer).  Today it is 4:30hr endurance ride.

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