Thursday, October 16, 2008

So it Begins -

My training as a Cat 3 roadie began last week. Was able to ride 12hrs last week and on my way to 12hrs again this week

I have done my annual Training plan. Well, I have my weekly hours computed but I have not written down my goals. If you ask me right now my goal would be "to survive" my first race as a Cat 3. Not surviving in this case would be falling behind the pack.

Things to work on in the off season - My Base endurance, raise my cadence to 95-105rpm and my 1 minute sprinting power... among other things.

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Christine said...

I am Joe's wife Christine and I can verify that he loves to ride his bike! He IS old enough to be a gradpa.

I have known Joe for almost 4 years now and he has every year devoted more time, thought and energy to his cycling. The rewards are paying off so keep up the good work!