Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Training Update

I am not very happy with what I have been able to do for training on a couple different fronts.  Mostly, I am not happy with the number of hours I am devoting to the bike.  I ride almost every day but most of the time it is only for an hour or a bit more.  I may get a 2hr session in on the weekends but that is about it.  I may have to re-think my Race Schedule.  Joe Martin in early may is fast approaching. 

My weight lifting is going well, I feel super strong lifting weights and on the bike.  This year I have focused on doing squats.  Lots of squats.  Initially I didn't like them... the bar hurt my shoulders,  I was worried about my lower back, and worried about my knees.  I just took it slow and worked on my technique.  I learned to situate the bar on my shoulders so it doesn't hurt.  My back and knees have adapted well too.   Now I am hitting one of my goals. More of a milestone.  Tonight I will squat 135lbs.   It is not much, I can bench press that much.   I look forward to my weight lifting sessions.

On the bike, I have not done the 3hr slogs but have been making sure I get my tempo and speed work done.   Last week I started off with 30 minutes of muscle endurance.  Muscle endurance for me is keeping my HR at 162 and a lower cadence of 75 - 85 rpms.  Last night I did 45minutes.  I felt good.

A couple goals for this week is to do a 2:30 hr ride and do another 45minute muscle endurance ride.


Jon Downey said...
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Jon Downey said...

Sounds like you're still putting in enough work Joe, and that its quality work.

Don't be so down on yourself.