Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Free Weights

I look forward to my time lifting weights.  I have always lifted in the winter but this is the first winter that I have done mostly free weights.  My lifting is that shining part of my training this year.  I feel like I am leaning out, but my body weight is still high at 195lbs.  If the extra weight translates to bike power I will be happy but I know for the Joe Martin Stage race that I will have to shed some fat and possible a little bit of the muscle.

On the squats I added another 10lbs to push the weight up to 145lbs.  Still not much but I monitor my technique carefully.  Lowering my legs until they are parallel to the floor.  Listening to my body for any joint or muscle pain.  One added benefit for doing squats is that they are helping my shoulder flexiblity.  When I started squats it was a strain on my shoulders to hold up the bar.  Also since I was not so flexible I could not put the bar lower onto the "meaty" part of my shoulders.

After squats I do leg presses.  I am still working 2x6 reps of nearly 500lbs.  The weight for this excersize may go up a little in the near future.

I may be stuck at 70lbs for the single leg Hamstring curls.  I can get 6 reps but my form starts failing me at 4 reps.

I will be holding 135 on the bench for another few sessions.  I may add another 5lbs next week.  I am happy with my progress here.  For me, there is something about graduating to the big plates.   That statement may take some psychological evaluation.

Chin ups, I am up to 2 per set.  I would like to improve in this to at least 6.

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