Thursday, January 27, 2011

About last night

Last night I was determined to get at least 90 minutes on the bike for the second half of the days workout.  Since the Bike Rack closes at 7:00, I needed to get there and be set up by 5:30.  No problem, I climbed on the bike at 5:30. 

Ten minutes later my heart rate was still low.  Just over 100bpm which is not even Zone 1 for me.  No problem, I will just focus and work a little harder.  120bpm was all I could manage.  Normally, once I am warmed up my heart rate settles in to 138ish.  Not this time.  I was struggling to keep the heart rate about 100bpm. 

If I didn't have a heart rate monitor I would have thought I had a good workout.  I was still pushing hard, sweating, and spinning my pedals at a good cadance.  The only give away was my gear choice which was very low(easy).  As soon as my computer read 1:30hr, I climbed off the trainer, packed up and headed home.

I am not quite sure what I accomplished sitting on the bike in such a condition.  The only good I see in sitting on the bike last night is that I burned some calories.  I don't know how and if it contributed to my fitness.

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