Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weight Work out

Last night I finally went to the gym for a weight work out.  It had been two weeks since my last session.   This is about the time last year that I stopped lifting all together.  I am in the last four weeks the routine that I have been doing and want to finish.  After the 4 weeks, I want to continue lifting at least once a week but I fear that it will be replaced with riding and hill training. 

I think lifting has been good.  I am not sure how much force/power I am gaining but it seems to be helping my on bike workouts.   I don't seem to be as sore after a hard bike workout.  My knees are not as cranky after riding in the hills.  Also, my back seems to be able to handle the longer rides better.

On the first few sets of squats, I started with the weight I did the last time I lifted 155lbs.  That was pretty easy.  Then I moved up to 165lbs.  Harder but doable.  All the other excersizes went as expected.  I am still pretty wimpy on the pull ups.  I stuck around and did a stretch class and then a 45min spin class.

Today I will get outside for my long ride it should be nice.  Feburary temps in the 50s is always good in Nebraska.

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