Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend review

Saturday, I took off for a long ride.  I road down to Bellevue to pick up Rich and we headed over the river to Glenwood, IA. 

On the way to Glenwood there were miles of open road with the wind blowing straight at us.   So, we started our two man rotation.   Rich and I have been riding together for years.  We just work good together.   We seem to be in synch with a lot of aspects of pace lining.   The distance we keep from each other, the length of pulls, and cruising speed.  It is nice riding with someone where you don't have to worry about holding them back or going too fast. 

Even though Rich and I were evenly matched on the flat roads he had a little edge on the hills.  On the long climb up the Loess Hill Highway to Glennwood, Rich rode away.  That was ok, I just kept up a constant speed.

Both in the pace line and climbing my, my lower back started hurting.  I had to stand up a few times to stretch it out.  I don't think my back is conditioned to do longer efforts of sustained work.  I have done my Tempo workout but they were on the trainer.  Not the same.

So, Saturday I did my long ride.  Sunday I did Spinning class and then road at the Bike Rack for another 2 hrs.   I hit all my training hours and racked up 256miles.  Not bad but next week is going to be harder due to the weather and I also have more hours scheduled.

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