Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Build 1 Week 2

Today is my first day to work in Week 2 of my Build 1 phase. I was going to get up early for an hour tempo ride but could not find my headlight charger last night. So, it just going to be Hill Cruise intervals. I brought clothing for 40 degree temps but The Weather Channel is reporting a feels like temperature of 28degrees. I may have to get warmer clothing from home.

I feel good after a day of rest and am ready to push my limits again. We'll see how it goes tonight.


D Bethune said...

outside tonight?

Hope you like cold, wind, and snow.
Grrr. it's snowing up here in Wayne.
Fortunately, though, I did my workout this morning when it was nicer. Good luck, Joe.

Joe said...

We'll see. I am worried about the toes. I have my shoe covers but it may not be enough.