Thursday, March 26, 2009

Build 1 Week 2 continued

Rode with "The Bike Way" guys last night. For me it was a text book Group Ride according to the "Training Bible".

There were several times that I was in my zone 4 for 8-10min. we had some hill sprints where I made it up to zone 5b. Another time Bryan Tangen and I were working together into the wind. I wasn't trying ride him off my wheel but I did pick up the pace right before the turn around.

Dan Ertz and I mixed it up a bit. While Dan & I were battling each other Craig sat in and blew us both away in one of the final sprints. Oh, I got another flat. That makes 3 rides in a row that I somehow got a flat. This time it was defiantly rocks.

A very fun ride!!

stats - Distance 40mi, Duration 1:50, Avg Speed 22mph

I also did a spin class in the morning for another 1:00hrs.


Todays schedule call for the Group ride. So I swap yesterdays schedule for today. On tap, 4hrs in zone 2. I was able to meet Rich on the trail at Culver's. We headed North up the trail from there. Straight into the brisk wind. It felt like a Janurary day with out the frozen water bottles.

Well I only got 3 but it was a great ride too. Most of the time I was in my zone 2. There we times I was up into zone 3. Rich was keeping the pace high into the wind.

stats - Distance 53, Duration 3:10min, Avg Speed ~15mph

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