Friday, December 16, 2011

Weight Training - Round 2

I started this session with some running, and stretching to warm up.  Five minutes of running is good enough to get my blood flowing.  The stretches seem to loosen up the muscles.  

I thought that I was ready for Squats but my knees and adductors (sp?) were not.  As part of my prep, I go through the squat motion without any weight.  That was difficult.  I tried it with the 45lb barbell ... better but still hard.  I had 3 sets of 12 reps to do.  Surely I could knock out 1 set.  I did the one set and worked through the discomfort with just the barbell.  It got easier as I moved through the reps.  The second and third sets were easier.  I thought my form was good... head up, back straight, down until legs are parallel to the ground, push through the heels.  It all looked good in the mirror.

I worked only the barbell for the bent over rows and the leg presses were no problem.  I super setted my bench press, and leg curls.  I was trying to get three but ended up with only 2 pullups then instead of more pullups finished with Lat pulls.

I finished with 3 sets of 5 deadlifts.  Another exercise that can hurt you if you don't do it right.  I added 2 x 25lb plates to the bar just to lift the bar off the ground.  Again form was key... back straight head up, etc...

In general my muscles were tight this morning nothing sore.  That may change as the day progresses.  I did this routine last year and think it  is a good routine for me.  It only takes 1:30hr but I am hitting most of the major muscle groups.   The squats and deadlifts hit the leg muscles for sure but also taps into my lower back, shoulders and abs.   I believe this helps with longer rides.  I don't seem to have as many lower back issues at the end of a 2, 3, or 4hr ride.

Today schedule calls for spin ups for an hour.  Working on pedal effeincies.  I did this as part of my commute to work.  Riding up some of the hills on Blondo I got more of a force workout but going down hills I was able to max out my cadence.  A couple of times I spun out.

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