Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Plan Reworked

Last week didn't go as planed.  I missed several days of training from some kind of bug.  It would have been counter productive to do any kind of workout.  So, I spent the week sleeping it off and by the weekend I was ready to do something. 

I got on the trainer Saturday for just over an hour.  Then Sunday I went outside for a 3hr ride.  I started out solo but noticed a bunch of cyclists hanging out buy Blue Line Coffee Downtown.  It was a bunch of racers taking advantage of the relativly nice December weather. 

So instead of a 3hr LSD ride, I knew it was going to be a more up tempo pace.   The winds were out of the south and the plan was to ride over to Council Bluff, head south, over the bridge to Bellevue, and back North.  That took about 2hrs.  There were some fast riders setting the pace up the front.  I was trying to keep my HR low so I hung in the back.  Popping out of the line a few times up the hills.   I finished up my ride with another hour solo.

Since I had a bad week, I reworked my training plan to peak in the middle of June corresponding with the Elkhorn Classic in Baker City, OR.  All the bike workouts type, duration, and intensities are all spelled out for the next 23 weeks.  I have a couple weeks of Prep then full-on Base Training. 

Like with every year weight loss will be a prime focus.   Looking back at last years paper log, I have a good start.  I am a few pounds lighter.  Not nearly enough for the 6 mile Mt. climbs of the Elkhorn Classic.  The goal is to lose about 15 more pound.  I am amazed and motivated by my teammate Glen Houts who did some serious weight loss last year.

This year I will also focus on my ability to work at or above my LT.  I am still going to do a full 12 weeks of base training.  In the hope that it will help me with my weight loss and prepare for  my longest RR in the Elkhorn Classic.  Then for the build phase focus only on my breakthrough workouts.  I may even drop down to only 3 rides a week.  Focusing on my advanced abilities... sprinting, climbing, anerobic work, etc.

Finally, I am working in 12 weeks of weight training on Mondays and Thursdays.  I know there is a controversy on weights. Some say do it and others say it doen't  do much good for cyclist.  I think it will give me a nice break from the trainer this winter.  After the 12 weeks then I am hoping to keep it up at least 1 day a week.  The training includes mostly leg work... squats, leg presses, and dead lifts.   I have a few upper body excersized planned .. Bench Press and Pull ups.   Fun fun.

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