Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Early Xmas Present

The weather last weekend was as good as it gets here in Nebraska.  In the middle of Decemeber.  The early december snow was gone and the temperatures climbed into the 50s for both Sat & Sun.  My training schedule called for a 2hr ride on Sat and 3hrs on Sun.  I wanted to ride with my wife on Sunday so I had planned on doing the longer ride Saturday.

The group had planned to do a 35mile loup out to Elk City, Valley, Waterloo, and back.  I needed to get more time so I rode another 12 miles to where we met.  We had a special guest for the ride.  Rob on a motorcycle.  He moto paced the group on the flat roads near Elk City and again going ito Valley.  It was pretty fun.  At one point he made a motion with his hand.  It could only mean hold on I am going to increase the speed.  Rob made it up to 43mph with his son Cole tucked in nicely behind.  I got dropped at 33mph. I ended the day with 4hrs and  54 miles.  The intensity of the ride was a bit higher than a Zone 2 endurance ride but when I was done I didn't feel tired at all.

Sunday was another nice day, temps in the middle 50s.  A few ladies, including my wife, joined in on the ride.  We did basically the same route as Saturday.  I kept the intenisty low focusing on spinning and pedal efficiency.  At one point we did a one legged sprint to a stop sign.

Last night it was back to the gym for some weight lifting.  I am happy with my form in the Squats & Deadlifts so it is time to start increasing the weight.  Slowly.  Today, no workout is planned. 

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