Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Engines at "Full Stop"

I went on vacation last week. The plan was to have fun with the family but still for the most part stay on my training routine.

Things started out good. Did some Mtb & road biking in Moab, UT adding up to about 4:30hrs. In Phoenix, I got in a 2:30hr and 3:00hr ride. I was feeling good. Then I hurt my back rock climbing. It was an annoyance at first so I kept going. I struggled through a Turkey Trot fun run with it bothering me. I tried to ride the next day but I could not even get up to zone2. So I called the wife in for a rescue before too many Arizona riders passed me. I have been off the bike for 5 days... arrrgh!!

I did spinning class this morning and my back feels fine. I need to start my muscle strength weight training but I will wait a few more days. For my cycling I am going to restart with Base 1 week 1 next week. Doing what I can this week... I believe that will make me race ready at the end of May.

On a positive note. I was very happy with my avg speed on a 40 mile ride. It was perfect conditions... Flat road, no wind, 50s for temp. I averaged 19.8mph staying mostly in zone2.

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