Friday, April 15, 2011

Dottie Returns

It has been weeks since I have been on my trainer.  I was going to warm up on it before the Twin Bing race but was too lazy to switch out the skewers.

Last night, I pulled out Dottie to do a short power interval workout.  Simple, just warm up well and do some 15 second sprints, rest and repeat 6+ times.  I warmed up and did a couple 1min hard efforts.  A few minutes of easy spinning,  I was ready.  My first sprint I went out too hard, I stopped the effort after 10 second.  I finished with 5 more sprint for the whole 15 sec duration with 1min break in between sprints.  Later I looked in "The Bible", the rest interval should have been 5 minutes.  I was wiped out.  My wife said I looked pale and sick.  My heart stopped racing 10minutes later.

This morning more subdued trainer work.  1:15min Zone 1/2.  I spent 40min in Zone 2.  Tonight I will finish with another 1:15min aerobic workout.

Good news, my weight is at 185lbs.  Just 15 more pounds to my goal.

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