Monday, November 30, 2009

Time to focus...

and start working the training plan. This week 12:30hrs. The amount of hours should not be too difficult. I have been logging around 11:00hrs for the past few weeks. The workouts are mainly Endurance workouts with one Spin Up - Speed workout.

My new toy is going to help out a lot. I picked up my Polar CS600x from the bike shop Saturday set it up and took it for a short ride that afternoon. It has a percent grade feature. The hills around here are steeper than I thought. With the unit I got the Pro Trainer 5 software. I can design a workout in the software and then transfer it to the unit. Then the unit will tell you what zone you should be in throughout. There are plenty of other features... I am going to have fun with this!!

This weekend I was able to ride a bit on Saturday and met some peeps for a 2:00hr ride Sunday. good times!!

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