Friday, March 23, 2012

Race Predictor?

I signed up for the Tour D'Husker race this weekend and after I went to the "View Registrants" to see the other riders that signed up for the race.  The page also has a "Race Predicator" link... it shows me 2nd for the Masters Crit and 4th for the 1/2/3 RR.  As more and more people signed up, I started dropping in the list.  Now, the predictor shows that I am in 12th on the RR.  I don't know if I like this "Feature".  Some silly programmer thinks that they can predict the outcome of a race.  Here is a code review for your program, you logic is all wrong!!

I know it is wrong but I do some predicting myself, looking at the other riders in my race.  I say to myself, "I can beat him, no problem", or "yikes, hang on as long as you can".  There are many ways I psych myself before races.  Like when we are all bunched up for the start, I start looking around to see who "looks fast".  When it comes down to racing, I just need to relax and feel the race.  I have been riding long enough to know what to do and to know who is riding well and how I match up that day.  Bring it!!


RD said...

it's based on your placing from last year. same as cross results

Joe said...

Yep... it looks like it is pulling some results from this year too.