Wednesday, June 6, 2012

EVCC Weekend - June 2nd, 3rd

I had so much fun last weekend.   It was great to see many of my teammates from all over the state up in Norfolk to race and to help put on such a fantastic two days of racing.

Saturday, I made an early drive up to Maskentine Lake to help with the Mtb race.   I didn't help much.  I spent most of the morning walking the course with Dennis.  We walked most of the course stopping at some of the more interesting technical sections e.g. the man made berm, and the "Rock Garden".  I should have brought a bike to ride it.

After the Mtb race, a few of us got together for a easy ride in the country side around Norfolk.   For the most part it was a social ride only flexing our speed from time to time.  It was perfect, not to hard or easy.

Luckily I got to stay at Karen's and Dan's place.  Dinner was nice and later helped with registration.  I blame Dan for any issues with the Bib numbers. :)

Sunday was all about the Criterium in downtown Norfolk.  Up at 5:30, then I downed some breakfast and coffee, which magically appeared in the kitchen, then off to the crit course to help with setup.  I had the dubious honor of sweeping the course.  Spent most of the time sweeping turn 2.  There was sand all over.  Jerry and I spent a good 1/2 hr with push brooms sweeping it off the course.

more to come...

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