Monday, June 13, 2011

The "A" race

Tonight I will be packing for my trip to Baker City, OR for the Elkhorn Classic Bike race.  A three day stage race. 

Why did I pick this race?  Mostly because it sounded "cool" but I haven't seen my aunt that lives there in a long time.

Am I ready for this race?  Umm no, not really.. I don't stand a chance against the other racers in the mountains.  Not a positive attitude but it is a reality.   I am ready for challenging myself over the four stages of the race.

Anybody else going with you?  No, other racers.  My lovely wife Christine is coming along.

What is the race?  Here is the link Elkhorn Classice Bike Race.  I should be able to hang with the group for at least 20miles in the first Mountain stage.  I suspect that the action won't heat up until the first set of rollers or the first climb. 

The TT should be interesting.  Devin offered to let me use his  TT bike but I wanted to ride with Christine so we are bringing her bike.  I will ride my road bike(no Eddy Merckx competetion) 

My best performance will be on the criterium.  It is wide open "L" shape course, with 6 turns and pan flat.  Sounds like fun to me! 

The last stage has four good sized climbs. I just hope it is sunny and warm so I can enjoy the scenery.

That's it.  We leave in the wee hours of the morning.  I will wave to all my Norfolk friends as I roll through town early Tuesday morning.  I will keep ya posted... cya!!

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LoupGarou said...

Good luck. You will do better than you think in the mountains.

Most importantly, have a great time, both of you.